Why is the Gold Cup always played in the United States?

Edition after edition, it is the neighboring country to the north that has always hosted the most important CONCACAF tournament.

The gold cup It’s the most important tournament in CONCACAF. In it, area selections North America, Central America, and the Caribbean It is measured to determine which country has the best football. It is a tournament with a lot of history that attracts the attention of fans from the top of the continent.

since its inception, gold cup He was responsible for receiving multiple picks. With United State And Mexico as the major dominant, the first mentioned country is responsible for hosting the tournament, although it hasn’t always been able to balance the region by staying with the title.

then in Goal tell you why The United States is the country that always hosts the important tournament From Concacaf:

Why is it always played in the US?

Mexico Gold Cup Champion

Since its first edition in 1991, the associations of the participating countries agreed that the United States would be the only place because it had كان optimal infrastructure To host a multi-court tournament for national teams.

In addition, the United States is one of the North American countries with the largest population than the rest of the participating countries, so There will be no noticeable advantage in relation to the area Where immigrants can enjoy meeting in the nation in which they live.

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