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Ministry of Urban Planning, Housing and Housing It issued licensing decisions to development companies, inspectors, appraisers and monitoring organizations that were registered under the first phase of the Che Roga Pura programme.. The handover ceremony was held at the Engineering Center headquarters in Paraguay. It was led by the head of the Muvh, Juan Carlos Baroja National authorities participated, such as Victor Villasboa, Deputy Minister of Housing and Infrastructure; Jorge Bosch, Deputy Minister of Urban Planning and Housing; Stella Guillén and Emiliano Fernández, President and Member of the Board of Directors of the French Development Agency, respectively.

“On behalf of the government of President Santiago Peña and the entire task force, I would like to thank the companies that have registered and Registered with trust and we guarantee transparency and seriousness throughout the process. “I want to urge all registrants to continue to provide their best efforts, innovation, talent and creativity to advance their development,” the minister said.

The decisions were delivered to those companies and professionals registered on the platform Which met the requirements set by the Ministry of Urban Planning, Housing and Housing (MUVH).

Register construction professionals on the platform It is part of the first phase of the program and this process remains in place until January 15, 2024. In the second phase, it is planned to start selling real estate developments to interested citizens, through the Che Roga Pura website.

“In the case of development companies, starting tomorrow, they will be able to present their development projects anywhere in the Republic of Paraguay. These projects will then be evaluated on an art table before being displayed inside the platform. Baroja explained.

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Minister Baroja stressed this The quality of homes under this initiative will be non-negotiableHe pointed out that “this program was developed so that monitoring takes place from the beginning of work to its end to ensure quality.”

Representatives of development companies, inspectors, valuers and monitoring organizations that have been registered under the first phase of the Che Roga Pura program with Minister Baroja. Image courtesy

He stressed that the proposed real estate development must take into account access to services, such as transportation, public health and education, as a predetermined factor. “He pointed out that we do not want and will not accept real estate development far from services.

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He announced that as the first phase continues, Inquiries will be received from those interested in submitting projectsWith the idea of ​​modifying it in the best possible way before uploading it to the platform, where it will be visible and selected by citizens.

He also highlighted that This program is the result of joint efforts between institutionsl, led by MUVH, which highlights the work of the Agency for Financial Development (AFD), the Ministry of Public Works and Communications (MOPC), the Ministry of Economy and Finance, the Central Bank of Paraguay (BCP), and the National Development Bank (BNF). ), among others.

Che Roja Pura is a response to the commitment made during the campaign by the current President of the Republic, Santiago Peña, To ensure access to their own housing for the working class population, which, month after month, Between 900,000 and 2,500,000 are allocated to pay housing rents They do not have access to long-term financing to acquire their own property.

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this The program will benefit families across the national territory with incomes between 1 and 4 minimum wageswho will be able to access their own home for up to £400,000,000 with financing of up to 30 years at 6.5% annual interest.

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