They decried that the President of Peru stole an Argentine study in a secret book: “The comma will not change”

president of peru, Dina Polwartaccused of plagiarism More than half of the book on human rights He presented it as his own and included it in his resume when he sought public office in 2007. Among the transcribed texts is a study published in 2000 by Argentine academic Gisela Jaquinod de Giusti College of Fine Arts National University of La Plata.

The complaint was filed by the Peruvian investigative program “Punto final” of the Latina Noticias signal. The program said on Sunday that the president – who took power after ousting Pedro Castillo – published the book in 2004.Recognition of human rights and international humanitarian lawAccording to an analysis by a computer program, Boulwart copied 55% of his content from theses, monographs and academic articles published in Mexico, Argentina and Costa Rica.

According to the report, Polwart’s original book contains a total Four chapters, in 176 pages. President Submit this bookwhich she co-authored with six others, as part of her autobiography To Get, in 2007, High status in the National Registry of Identification and Civil Status. However, he did not include it in his CV again when he assumed the position of Head of the Development and Social Inclusion Profile.

Use “Punto Final” program TurnitinA computer tool that detects plagiarism Based on a huge database – to analyze the text published by Boluarte, which he never mentioned again in his later years. The program’s research team also manually analyzed the text. theo The book written by Boluarte does not contain a section of bibliographical sources or footnotes giving credit to the authors of the cited texts.

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They denounced the President of Peru for plagiarizing Argentine writings

The book published by the president is identical in many of its pages to what was published by the Argentine academic Gisela Jaquinod de Giusti in 2000. Then the researcher from the University’s College of Fine Arts published a study entitled “Analysis of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.” The TV report stated, “Four years later, the author’s complete work published in Dina Poulwart’s book will appear as her own.”

According to Punto Finalist, Boulwart repeats “12 successive pages of his book” with the full text of the Argentine specialist. “The entire study is reproduced between pages 17-29 of the Chair’s post, which are recorded in the National Library as original. And he says:The comma does not changeThe report states that there is no reference to Jaquenoud de Giusti or the name of his work. “Copy and paste,” it concludes.

The plagiarism reported in an Argentine study is not an isolated case. The same thing happened with studies and other academic papers. Indeed, four paragraphs similar to those that appeared in 2002 were denounced on the website of the National Human Rights Commission of Mexico, published in 2004.

Boluarte decided not to comment after the show contacted her before the report aired. Peru’s Minister of Women, Nancy Tolentino, asked this Monday to investigate the complaint.

FILE – Peruvian President Dina Boulwart holds a press conference at the Government Palace in Lima, Peru, Friday, February 10, 2023. Boulwart made a statement on Wednesday, April 26, 2023, linking migration to insecurity and attributing “criminal acts” to migrants. . (AP Photo/Martín Mejía, file)

“I have listened to the president in the cabinets, she constantly mentions her willingness to submit to any investigation. In this sense, this is the same thing I can say: she is ready for an investigation and will call for an investigation, a deepening and a clarification of this situation,” Tolentino said at a news conference.

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