They assert that the approval of the opening of the medical profession in Bariloche is imminent

The authorities of the National University of Rio Negro on Tuesday afternoon expressed this The goal of obtaining the approval of the medical profession in Bariloche, the head of the headquarters of Andina, closer. aAlthough the resources for the continuation of this race have not yet been secured in the national budget.

The Dean of the United Nations, Anselmo Torres, confirmed that the degree study plan is being evaluated by the National Commission for University Assessment and Accreditation (Coneau), a decentralized body operating under the jurisdiction of the nation’s Ministry of Education. “We appreciate that at the end of November we will announce the opening of the race and registration,” Torres predicted, in a video conference.

This came during the official closing ceremony of the Educational Models Course for Medical Education, which was issued since the end of last June, with the aim of training those interested to be part of the faculty that will dictate the classes. Training was provided by the National Ministry of Health.

The Minister of Health of the Government of Rio Negro, Fabian Zughaib, officials in the Ministry of Health of the national government, and directors of the Andean headquarters of UNNN, led the official action in the building where the graduate home is located on Anasagasti Avenue at 1400 hrs in Bariloche. There was also a chair among the National Officials, Zughaib and UN Executives for the candidate for the position of National Representative of the Frente de Todos in Anna Marx County.

The candidate is the nation’s official, but not from the Ministry of Health. She is the District Coordinator for Northern Patagonia of the National Directorate for Relations with Municipalities under the Undersecretary for Municipal Relations of the Ministry of the Interior.

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Among the audience bound by health protocols were the director of the Ramon Carrillo Hospital, Leonardo Gil, the head of the health center in the El Frutillar neighborhood and the former director of the local hospital, Felipe de Rosas, and local doctors.

Economic resources to fund the degree and all that it requires are not yet guaranteed. Although UNU Vice President Diego Aguiar confirmed that they are making arrangements for the funds once Kono agrees to open the race. He remembered with affection the former rector of the university, Juan Carlos del Belo, who died at the end of last July, for the impetus he gave to the initiative.

Undersecretary of the Department of Services and Institutes of the Ministry of Health of the National Government, Alejandro Federico Colia, He noted the support of former Health Minister Genes Gonzalez Garcia for the initiative to open a career in medicine in Bariloche, who resigned due to his involvement in the VIP vaccination scandal..

NSOlea described the imminent start of the race as a “historic moment”. He also acknowledged Health Minister Carla Vizzotti.

All those present gave their regards and thanks. Zughaib said that from the first moment they were from the region “working hand in hand” with the United Nations. He stated that the Government of Rio Negro was available. “We are very grateful,” he said.

He said he had been working “with co-workers” and estimated that in the past year in the midst of the pandemic “they didn’t ask us (in the state health department) which province or which party we were”. He emphasized that opening a medical profession in Bariloche was a “dream”.

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They emphasized that the race will aim to prioritize primary care, with a regional footprint. The goal is to communicate with the health system. It also introduced a new academic offering to youth in the region.

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