They asked AI what is the most beautiful name in the world and the answer surprised everyone

Artificial intelligence in the past year has become a A permanent reference source for professionals. With solutions for a wide range of topics, this format is frequently used in companies or even by people who want to clear doubts through their famous gpt chat.

Within a wide range of questions, there are those to consult around What is the most beautiful name in the world. Although there is no scientific answer that fits this question, artificial intelligence surprised and confirmed it Sophia It is one of the most used sites.Creativity, meaning, and sorority“.

On the other hand, to justify your answer, the artificial intelligence “I don’t have a personal opinion,” he said, “but here are some names that are considered cute in different parts of the world.” Next, he mentioned 10 names that parents consider when choosing a name for their children.

Within this selection list, this technology gadget included the following names, which are ranked from second to tenth SophiaAnd those who enjoy the distinction of being the majority of women: Valentina, Isabella, Lucia, Catalina, Victoria, Elena, Alejandro, Mateo And Gabriel.

According to AI, Sofia has a meaning that makes it stand out above others, and for this reason, it has been adopted as the most beautiful name in the world. “It represents a woman who loves to stand out, which directly indicates strength in all that surrounds her.“, He expressed.

Advancement in technology is by leaps and bounds. Evidence of this is the simulation of a person generated by artificial intelligence and that this same person is classified as “idealSo it happened with a woman named Rosana Ramoswho claimed she was tired of relationships with humans and thus turned to technology to find her better half.

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And so this woman decided to get creative with an app called An exact copy of the originalFor this man of her dreams. First, she had to register and give all her data so that the artificial intelligence, according to the above, would take care of finding a profile that would fit her lifestyle. Two children and a medical profession.

Kartal’ is the chatbot on the ‘Eren Kartal’ show.(Source: Facebook / Rosanna Ramos)

We sleep, we talk to each other, we love each other. And, you know, when we go to sleep, he hugs me protectively as I fall asleep. “Pleased with the turn her life has taken with this hypothetical love called, Ramos explained Erin Kartal.

Finally, those responsible for creating the kind of artificial intelligence that gets into the most intimate terrain of people are beginning to perfect Erin Kartal Regarding the sexual issue, in case other types of answers are requested from the other side. Despite this, Rosanna explained that, for the time being, the relationship she has with the robot completely escapes that possibility, due to the fact that the reactions they have “It does not exceed a kiss on the cheek or a hug“.


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