These are the new and iconic places set in different movies that Airbnb offers to stay at

Airbnb will offer new experiences to its followers through a premium category that comes with iconic places and great personalities from music, film, television, art, sports and more.

The company will provide access to wonderful and imaginative worlds such as Up's house, Marvel's X-Mansion, or even Home Alone's house.

Airbnb also reported that new experiences will appear every two weeks, including one that will invite fans to reminisce about their favorite memories to celebrate the latest Disney and Pixar film, “Inside Out 2,” which debuts in theaters on June 14.

In this regard, Jessica Pecoraro, Head of Consumer Communications at Airbnb, spoke on NTN24's CST program.

“The idea of ​​opening these unique spaces is to give people the opportunity to experience the magic of all these places. What we want is to be present in the purpose of travelers,” he said.

Pecoraro pointed out that 11 unique experiments were launched last May. “People should go on the platform and make a reservation for the place they like best.”

“The new category is called ‘Iconic’ which contains characters from music, film, television, art and sports,” he stated.

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