These are the foods you need for good physical and mental health, according to a Harvard expert

Specialists at Harvard University emphasize the importance of green leafy vegetables for brain health. (picture information)

Green leafy vegetables They are the number one food for maintaining brain health, according to the opinions of two experts Harvardnutrition specialist Uma Naidu And neuroscientist Lisa Genova.

These specialists highlight the importance of including foods such as cabbage, spinach, Lettuce, cabbage, Boiling, Bok choy And Green mustard To improve brain functions and prevent diseases such as Alzheimer's disease.

Recommendation of merger Green leafy vegetables Daily eating depends on three basic reasons. First of all, they are a rich source of B vitaminsIt is necessary for maintaining a good psychological state and the correct functioning of neurotransmitters. “Vitamin B9He noted that folic acid, known as folic acid, is key to a healthy brain and nervous system. Naidu In the statements submitted to CNBC Make it In 2022. This type of vegetable is also the first choice that a nutritionist suggests to her patients with the aim of improving their mood.

Cabbage, spinach, and lettuce are essential for preventing Alzheimer's disease. (Archives)

Furthermore it, Green leafy vegetables It contains nutrients that enhance brain activity, such as Folic acid, Lutein And Beta carotene. the LuteinFor example, it has been shown to be useful in Improving brain functions and structure in the elderly. On the other hand, a systematic review revealed that consumption of nutritional supplements Beta carotene It can increase verbal and cognitive memory.

he Beta carotene It is a type of pigment found in plants that belong to the carotenoids family. It is a substance that the human body can transform into Vitamin AEssential for eye, immune system and skin health.

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Another relevant aspect is the high fiber content of these vegetables. Study published in “Complementary Therapies in Medicine” In 2021 the increase in intake was associated with Dietary fiber with Less likely to suffer from depression. Naidu It is recommended to obtain more fiber through the diet, especially from plant sources, as it is the ideal solution Green leafy vegetables An excellent choice due to the density of the fiber.

Green leafy vegetables, rich in B vitamins, are essential for mental health. (Istock)

“An enriched diet Green leafy vegetables It's good for your brain,” they often stress Naidu how GenoaStressing the importance of eating this type of food not only for brain health, but also within the framework of a general healthy diet. It is essential for residents to understand that nutrition plays a critical role in maintaining mental health and preventing neurodegenerative diseases..

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