There are already 72 Argentines who managed to leave Ukraine amid the Russian invasion

The Argentine Embassy in Kyiv has already been evacuated

Shortly before Ukraine claimed that it had agreed with Russia on a file temporary cease-firethe national government stated that Previously There are 72 Argentines who have already managed to leave the Eastern European country, Thanks to coordination between Argentine diplomatic representations and local immigration authorities. In addition to, 14 people of Ukrainian citizenship managed to graduatea relative of Argentina.

The citizens have mainly addressed themselves to Poland (44), Hungary (10); The rest comes out through the steps with Romania, Slovakia and Moldova.

“It is worth highlighting the task of the expanded consular network consisting of representations of Latin American countries in the region, which demonstrates the implementation of measures to ensure the safe and orderly exit of all Ukrainian citizens. From here, Argentina is also actively working to facilitate the departure of citizens of other Latin American countriesThe Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement.

“In this sense, our country makes available to this network, through a mission of the White Helmets sent by the Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a mobile consulate composed of consular personnel and specialized volunteers, to assist Latin Americans arriving from Ukraine at the borders of Poland. The goal is to facilitate the processing of documents, and to provide psychological support , facilitating the logistical means for their cross-border crossing, and providing guidance for their subsequent exodus to the destination they are heading to. “This task is carried out in a coordinated manner through the mechanisms of consular cooperation,” the letter added.

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In turn, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs assured citizens who are on Ukrainian territory that it is necessary to know their whereabouts in order to help them in the best way. For these purposes, the email box [email protected] has been enabled.

"Argentina is also actively working to facilitate the departure of citizens of other Latin American countries."The Ministry of Foreign Affairs headed by Santiago Cafiero said (Fabrice Cofferini/Paul via Reuters)
“Argentina is also actively working to facilitate the departure of nationals from other Latin American countries,” the Foreign Ministry headed by Santiago Cafiero (Fabrice Cofferini/Pool via Reuters) said.

Earlier, before Ukraine announced its agreement to a temporary ceasefire with Russia, specifically to create corridors for the evacuation of civilians, The Argentine government has ordered the evacuation of the embassy in the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv. The decision was informed by Foreign Minister Santiago Cafiero this afternoon in Casa Rosada, due to increased hostilities on the part of Russia.

Ambassador Elena MikosinskiHer daughter and other embassy staff initially tried to head toward the Romanian border, but eventually had to change their original plans and leave the country via Moldova to the southwest.

We have decided to vacate the embassy. The diplomatic staff is located a few kilometers from the border with Moldova. In a short call to the accredited press in Patio de las Palmeiras, the Minister of Foreign Affairs said that he was on his way to Romania, but they had to change. “An 8-hour window of opportunity opened without a curfew and at that time they took advantage of the opportunity to generate safe behavior so that the diplomatic staff could leave the city. It was done early in the morning, and this is the last part of the diplomatic staff who performed duties there”It is to explain.

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We will follow up on the consular functions of Poland and Romania. Elena (Mukosinsky), our ambassador, with her daughter and Consul Joseph Saber. “They are on their way to finish leaving Ukraine,” he added.

Regarding the Argentine citizens who are still in Ukraine, Cafiero described: “We have a record of all of them, we are in constant contact with them, we continue to work with all the Argentines who are there and have the desire to leave. We are taking a mobile consulate to the border with Poland as well as to Romania, which are The two possible exits our compatriots used.”

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