4 free games to cut the weekend without spending a euro

Classic games and simulators are back with this weekend’s specials.

Today is Friday, and as time goes by, the more you look at the clock. Ask yourself “How much is left to start the weekend?” Well, just a few hours! And there is nothing better than enjoying these days of rest with a little free games Available on PC and Xbox. In fact, we are talking about a very different set of proposals.

Hunting simulator, two classics from the days of Atari adapted to the present and another simulator, this time the motorcycle simulator, are the four proposals that PC players through the Epic Games Store and Xbox, on Xbox Live Gold, can enjoy the most this weekend. .

Type: download it and keep it forever!

Atari Classics Betting Week from the Epic Games Store. The first is Black Widow: Recharged and, as its name suggests, it is a modern version of Vector arcade game in terms of graphics and gameplay where you control a black widow fighting to defend its spider web from the invasion of insects. It has multiplayer.

Genre: Limited time trial

The days of free play on Xbox Live Gold continue, and this time they invite us to enjoy competitive bass fishing with Bassmaster Fishing 2022. It is a content-rich proposal, where users can decide to advance in the career mode or take on other competitors through a full multiplayer mode.

Type: download it and keep it forever!

Also available as a free download on the main Fortnite store, we have Centipede: Recharged, a rescue of one of the great Atari classics. 40 years late, Centipede has suggested and continues to suggest players to take on waves of bugs to exterminate on their own or with a friend.

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Genre: Limited time trial

With RiMS Racing, players are invited to ride the world’s most powerful motorcycles and improve their performance by changing parts and analyzing real-time data. The two-wheeled racing simulation video game will be available for free trial over the weekend with Xbox Live Gold.

Free games for everyone

Prime Gaming, Xbox Game Pass and PS Plus

And the list of games to take advantage of the weekend does not end here, because we also have the option to explore New free games for subscribers On services like PlayStation Plus, Xbox Live Gold, Stadia Pro, Prime Gaming, or PS now And the GamePass.

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