The young man quit his job the same day he started

a young man in Canada He revealed, through his TikTok, that You quit your job the same day you started In the midst of workplaces are increasingly advancing in their policies.

What happened?

according to The woman from Canadait was about the salary and the tasks that required him to fulfill what seemed inconsistent with him because It was a lot of work for pennies So he decided to quit.

However, the young woman explained it to V.I At first the salary was not the problemsince she started the hiring process because she was interested in what she could do there.

The salary wasn’t great. But it was a jobSo I entered the building and a nice lady welcomed me and started training me to run the store,” he explained.

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I was not convinced

In addition, comment on it His salary was the minimum wage When he had to get at least $2 more for every hour he worked because of the tasks assigned to him.

“I was getting minimum wage when I should have made at least a dollar or two more an hour doing all these tasks,” he added.

Details begin to emerge

Although the transformation is just beginning, Some details are starting to emerge Which made her feel somewhat uncomfortable.

The lady who was training him for his new job told him that in addition to selling products he had to do “Additional taskssuch as controlling money at the cash register, checking business email and handling shipments of packages purchased on the web.

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Surprised by the number of tasks added to her at the last moment, the young woman asked if she was serious, to which the woman answered kindly, but emphatically: “Yes, the salesmen take care of that.”

without rest

But the situation collapsed when they told her this I had to work 8 hours straight without even having 10 minutes to take a break.

At the end of her first and last day on the job, she got in her car and on the way home contemplated trying for another week, though it didn’t take long before she decided to quit.

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