‘It’s white supremacist’: Jada Pinkett Smith guilty of Netflix ‘Queen Cleopatra’ flop

Jade Pinkett Smith It is clear why Queen Cleopatra He is One of Netflix’s biggest failures throughout its history. The production, a documentary that premiered on May 10 in 4 episodes, reviews the life of the historical figure of Egypt in detail, but did so with Black actress Adele Jameswhich reopened the debate about the true appearance of the last rulers of the Ptolemaic dynasty. Complaints were not long in coming.by archaeologists and experts as well as bystanders, but Jade Pinkett Smith is clear: The perpetrators of this disaster are white supremacists.

The Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities and experts complain Queen Cleopatra On Netflix But Jade Pinkett Smith Says It’s Racism And A White Supremacy Thing

The discussion has continued for the past few days, with The Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities enters into forceAnd a statement that the documentary is a clear falsification. “The appearance of the hero with these features represents a falsification of Egyptian history and a flagrant historical fallacy.”, they explained from the organism. In addition, the secretary of the country’s Supreme Council of Antiquities, Mostafa WaziriHe added that “Queen Cleopatra had fair skin and Greek features,” pen. Any Netflix approach was unrealistic. Netflix has defended itself against accusations of historical manipulation, with director Tina Ghaffari claiming it sought to explain Egypt’s heritage and the multicultural nature of ancient Egypt.

with 3% in Rotten tomatoesfor being one of the poorest ratings in television history, Jada Pinkett Smith announced to Voice of the PeopleAnd As a producer, the culprits in the failure of the series are none other than “white supremacists”.. As reported, Will Smith’s wife forced Netflix to include a black actress in order to promote inclusion of other ethnic groups in her documentary series, which she was apparently skeptical about. It came to express “Cleopatra was Greek, which means she was light-skinned, not black.” Zahi Hawassformer head of the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities.

Archaeologists and historians question Netflix’s version of Jada Pinkett Smith hiding behind racism

The debate was particularly bitter in the United States, where doctors and archaeologists debated the physique and identity of the Egyptian queen, noting that Cleopatra was a Greek Macedonian on the side of her father, Ptolemy XII.However, his maternal inheritance is not clear. Some argue that there is a possibility that his mother was Egyptian or some other part of Africa. To fight Netflix documentaries Egypt Produce your own copymore realistic and reliable at the historical level.

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