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Conscientious objection has spread the memo sent by Santa Fe’s doctor opposing abortions to the Health Ministry

A 62-year-old gynecologist, based in Viñado Torto, submitted an official memorandum to the Santa Fe Department of Health explaining that Article 10 of Law No. 27610 recently promulgated on Voluntary Termination of Pregnancy (IVE) is being used: she is a conscientious objector from They perform abortions, which is why they “categorically” oppose this practice.

The story was published after the professional’s lawyer posted the message he sent to his client on his Facebook wall. I never imagined such an effect. The doctor said in a phone conversation with El Litoral: “I am humble and it’s everywhere.

He was born in Rosario. He has stayed with Dr. Raphael Pineda who claims to have “treated a lot of complications” with him. He lived in Vinado Torto for 30 years and worked at Alejandro Gutierrez Hospital for 20 years. “I fully share his (Pineda) thoughts. He made it clear that people know my way of thinking.

Regarding “conscientious objection”, he explained that if someone wants to have a voluntary abortion, “you must refer them to the place, institution or service that can perform it; do not make it one. First of all, you have to help them.”

The doctor asserts that he has always been with “Al Hayat” and that he is a defender. “It just motivated me,” referring to the message he will present to the ministerial authorities in the Health Portfolio. “I wanted to do it in a more reliable way to my conscientious objection,” he said.

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From this standpoint, he was asked whether he had received letters from his colleagues, which he had not yet acknowledged, and that taking a similar position “is on their conscience; it depends on each one. It is a personal thing.”

He concluded, “Everyone has an opinion on his conscience. He does it as he dictates according to his principles. We do not have to cause further disagreement on this issue. In fact, I had no intention of generating this.”

What does Article 10 of IVE say?

In Article 10, Law 27610 states that “a health professional who must intervene directly in the termination of pregnancy has the right to practice conscientious objection.” For the purposes of its practice, you must:

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