College. Medical “leveling” exam, a candidate to exclude thousands of students in Salta and Tucuman

Once again, the National University of Tucuman Medical School Entrance Examination (UNT) continues to give you something to talk about. On Thursday, April 8th, the exam corresponding to the 2021 regiment was taken at various UNT headquarters, in Tucuman and Salta. About 1,260 students attended performances in Tucuman, at the Cordoba Central Club and at the Belgrano complex. In Salta, they were held at the headquarters of the National University of Salta (UNSa), which was attended by more than 952 students.

According to the results, only one student has been approved at the Salta campus, after having tried three times in previous years, and the rest will have to reappear in recovery on April 22. This disturbed the aspirants and relatives who demonstrated Tuesday morning at the gates of UNSa. They denounced the complexity of the exam, and the detail of questions that lead to typing errors, as they had to cancel two from the total. All this because they want the least amount of income possible, they say.

As we have already seen in the February exam for the 2020 cohort, the fact that progress has been made in canceling the quota and maintaining the leveling test, remains a major obstacle for thousands of young people who wish to enter medical school and study the health profession. On that occasion, only 240 were approved after recovery. The elitist orientation of UNT is still evident and that the “Academic Level Course” is sufficient to be able to achieve the knowledge necessary for the program to succeed, and that is precisely who are the young workers or working families who do not have enough to pay for private institutes.

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It appears that Dean Matteo Martinez wants to continue the void of public health, preventing those with a career to study a career in health from becoming impossible. In the midst of the pandemic, he postponed 2020 income for a year and, with a thousand excuses, took an exam that, as decided by the Supreme Council in 2019, should already be unrestricted in 2021.

With the collapse of hospitals and the loss of more than 500 health workers in the country, it would be more logical and agreed that UNT Medical School finally opens its doors to all students and stops experiencing the overcrowding and terrible conditions that afflict thousands of those wishing to study a career in health. That the settlement provided by the new curriculum that has not yet been implemented is provided. There is more budget for teachers and assistants per chair, which today, in contrast to what needs to be done, reduces competitions and positions.

From CUEM’s human rights secretary and the Medicina a la Izquierda group, in order to advance into unrestricted entry and not exclude anyone, we also suggest opening assistants for the mega settlement for newcomers. We invite all students and family members who have gathered in the claim to organize ourselves in a meeting to say below the UNT Medical Entrance Examination.

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