The United States on a possible nuclear conflict in the world: “there is a danger”

eto Pentagon report very it is necessary It reflects the paths to which it is heading. The United States is on high alert So it is considered to be coming. The Potential adversaries, such as Russia, China, Iran or North Korea, “move decisively in the opposite direction.”, which increases the The risk of a “nuclear escalation” and “Conflicts in which nuclear-armed adversaries participate”.

The US Department of Defense asserts that the potential for nuclear conflict is increasing. Reality, The Center reports that despite US efforts to advance nuclear disarmament and de-escalation, “no potential adversary has reduced the role of nuclear weapons in its national security strategy or the number of nuclear weapons.”“.

Moreover, the Pentagon allows itself to go ahead and point out the matter. Details of it “Russia is developing intercontinental nuclear weapons,” he addedEven nuclear submarines China she has Weapons of this kind from land, sea and airWhich gives it a “military triad”.

My Pentagon Report on the United States

Is it The second document of this type highlighted by the United States. The The first version was released in 2019 And in connection with him, an important change was observed. In the In the first version, the Pentagon explained that the United States could use “nuclear weapons to win conflicts.”, while in The new version says the response with nuclear weapons will be “flexible but limited”.

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