The United States is reviewing nearly 50 license applications related to oil companies in Venezuela

Oil companies await licenses from the United States to expand their operations in Venezuela (EFE/Henry Chirinos)

United State Some have been received 50 requests Individual licenses for companies where you wish to do business VenezuelaAs mentioned Francisco Palmieri, head of the Washington mission in that country. This occurs after the end of the general mandate granted last year to the Venezuelan energy sector.

In mid-April, US Department of Treasury It announced that it would not renew the general license due to failure to meet the conditions for holding competitive presidential elections in Venezuela. But it promised to issue individual licenses to companies operating in the oil sector.

“There are a number of applications for licenses. I think the number is between 20 and 50,” Palmieri said in an interview with Venezuelan media. Kokuyo effect.

Among the companies that have already obtained these individual licenses is the Oil Production Company French Morel and ConcertWhich indicated earlier this month that it had obtained permission to expand its business with State oil company PDVSA. However, many other companies are still waiting for corresponding approvals.

Another company that has received approval from the United States is… Spanish RepsolWhich will be able to continue and expand its operations in the field of oil and gas in Venezuela, according to informed sources Reuters.

In mid-April, the US Treasury announced that it would not renew the general license due to non-compliance with the conditions for holding competitive presidential elections in Venezuela. (EFE/Ronald Peña)

On the instructions of County administration To the Treasury Department, Washington wants to give priority to issuing licenses to companies with production and Oil assets Existing on those seeking to enter the country for the first time.

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The oil sector is extremely important to revitalize the Venezuelan economy, but most of all the elections on July 28Palmieri added, who did not mention the names of the applicants and did not say whether the procedures would be approved.

The Venezuelan authorities have indicated that even 16 companies They agreed to create new hybrid oil and gas companies or expand existing companies with PDVSA. However, the process was not without complications.

the British oil company BP Reported that negotiations on the offshore gas project Kwena Manakin, Which will be shared with Trinidad and Tobagowas temporarily suspended after the license that allowed such conversations expired.

“With the expiration of OFAC’s General License 44 in April 2024, BP has temporarily halted all discussions related to the Manaquin-Coquina development,” the company said.

Palmieri also indicated the existence of diplomatic channels with the regime Nicolas Maduro It remains open, including conversations about immigration and the economy.

Another company that has received approval from the United States is the Spanish company Repsol, which will be able to continue and expand its operations in the field of oil and gas in Venezuela.

Regarding the elections, he said the United States expects broad participation and hopes that international groups will eventually be allowed to oversee the process.

“Washington sees”Very open questionNicolas Maduro could win re-election if he holds a free vote in July, a senior North American official said, and the White House is seeking to ensure a credible election in the face of significant obstacles.

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President Joe Biden's administration is cooperating with Venezuelan “stakeholders,” as well as regional and European partners, in an effort to preserve the regime. The electoral process is underwayAlthough he expects additional difficulties as the July 28 vote approaches.

Maduro is competing Edmundo Gonzaleza veteran former diplomat, was named the main opposition candidate after the Supreme Court upheld the ban on the winner of the primary and the leader of the opposition. Maria Corina Machado.

Since then, Machado has offered his support to Gonzalez Urrutia.

The United States reimposed oil sanctions on Venezuela, a member of the Economic Cooperation Organization OPECMaduro was accused of not fully adhering to the guarantee agreements reached with the opposition Free and fair elections.

British oil company BP reported that negotiations on the Coquina-Manakin offshore gas project, which would be shared with Trinidad and Tobago, have been temporarily halted after the license that allowed such talks expired (Reuters/Phil Noble)

However, Washington says Maduro has fulfilled some of his commitments, such as setting an election date and allowing the opposition candidate to run.

We are monitoring closely if there is any relapse“, said the official.

Maduro, whose re-election in 2018 was rejected by Western governments and which they described as a farce, has faced a severe economic crisis in Venezuela.

“We are very interested in enhancing the possibility of free and fair elections or even elections with minimal credibility, but we recognize that there are also significant obstacles.”

“Whether or not Maduro is able to win elections in Venezuela is, at best, a very open question,” he added. “There are certainly a large number of surveys that say that is not the case,” he said.

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(Information from Reuters)

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