The United States and the new fashion to conquer Mexico

The rivalry between the United States and Mexico at the national team level has grown significantly in recent times. His dominance of competitions in North America, Central America, and the Caribbean makes their feud the focus of tournament by tournament, cup after tournament, with the rest of the teams left aside.

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Recently, the US national team has shown great results and great aspirations. Greg Berhalter, his coach, is more confident about what’s coming: “Men are used to winning.” Of course, they came from winning two finals in less than two months and left them in shock and empty-handed. Buckets of cold water for Gerardo Martino y el Tri.

USA celebrations

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The first was the CONCACAF League of Nations on 6 June. They beat him 3-2 in the Goat match, which went to extension and was determined by a goal from Christian Pulisic. Second, closer, 10 days ago for the famous Gold Cup, where the USNMT brought in a replacement squad full of MLS players. This time the score was 1-0, also in extra time and 5 minutes before the end, with a shot from Miles Robinson.

Greg and Martino before the final.  EFE.

Greg and Martino before the final. EFE.

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“They really understand what these games are like. That was the whole point of this summer. We used two different kits for both tournaments. We wanted to introduce these guys to what the competitive CONCACAF games look like.”

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Now, Greg is watching Qatar 2022: “Our next step now is to qualify for the World Cup in the fall and there are 14 matches and 14 finals. I think, as a coaching staff, one of the things we’re happy about is that these guys have been in this situation before and we’re ready to go, ready to deal with it.”

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History between the United States and Mexico

In total, USNMT and El Tri played 72 games, of which 36! They were victories for Mexico and 21 victories for the United States. The rest, 15 games, were draws. The problem is how the cycle has changed this year. Two consecutive victories in the championship definitions mean an important setback for Berhalter, who avenged the desired final in 2019 and is now taking the lead…

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