Messi’s great goal: In Paris Saint-Germain he can extend his career and dream of the title in Qatar and play the 2026 World Cup

Lionel Messi after signing for Paris Saint-Germain

He did it a little late, but he did it in the end. Jump Lionel Messi subordinate Barcelona the Paris Saint-Germain It allows Argentina to do a few things: extend his career, dream more strongly of the title in Qatar 2022 and shape himself to play the World Cup in USA/Mexico/Canada 2026. And one more thing, very important: regain the joy of playing and having fun again.

It is often contested that Paris Saint-Germain is unrivaled in the French league, and that this supremacy will only be strengthened with the arrival of the Argentine. Nothing is too different from what happened with Barcelona, ​​who in their good days played 90 per cent of their matches with an edge that was boring. That everything has become more difficult for Barcelona in recent years is not an argument: that heavy aura of a goalless team served only “10” spiritually and footballly, starting on Wednesday “30” again.

At the age of 34, Messi is no longer happy with the Barcelona shirt, although he cried a few days ago, saying that he did not want to leave this time. In a few years, when you look back, you will realize the service that Joan Laporta, president of Barcelona, ​​and Javier Tebas, president of La Liga gave him. The unhappy footballer has a shorter sporting life: this was the great danger of the current Barcelona to Messi.

On the other hand: Why play football if you’re not happy? It is valid for everyone, as well as for Messi. And besides, what is Messi playing today? To win the Spanish league or now the French? No, to win the Copa America as he did in July, to lift the Champions League again and, above all, to win the World Cup, the last major trophy missing.

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Example: Josep Guardiola very quickly understood that the happy Messi is a better footballer. That is why in 2008 he asked Laporta, the young president at the time, to let him go to the Beijing Olympics, despite the fact that Barcelona had organizational resources to prevent this. And so Messi was the Olympic champion. And in just over a year he will have reasons to dream of being world champion, because the Argentine team arrives in a positive stalemate, unlike what happened in the last World Cup.

Lionel Messi with Sergio Aguero at the 2008 Beijing Olympics
Lionel Messi with Sergio Aguero at the 2008 Beijing Olympics

But, in addition to this, Messi is now part of the huge and powerful football “team” that is Qatar. It has a direct relationship with the organizers of the upcoming World Cup, and also has unprecedented common interests with the “owners” of the World Cup.

Argentina is a more popular choice than Brazil in Arab countries, as well as in other neighboring countries such as Bangladesh or Pakistan. The Qatar Championship will be, like never before, a World Cup designed especially for MessiThe Argentine team no longer makes him suffer, but rather has fun, and Qatar 2022 will be for him, in many respects, a continuation of his life with Paris Saint-Germain.

Messi has freed himself from Barcelona who spent six years of frustrations and horrific defeats in the Champions League and joins a team he can actually win after coming so close this last season.

If the rosary adds its fifth champions after the 2006, 2009, 2011 and 2015 champions, it will be the first time since the World Cup in Germany that it has reached the World Cup with such a clean and brilliant win.. Back then in 2006, Jose Pekerman chose not to have the then-young Messi play at the crucial moment in the quarter-finals for Germany. Unthinkable in Qatar 2022, which could be the World Cup of his lifetime, though not the last.

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The contract with PSG is for two years with the option of a third party. The logical thing is that just as Messi will arrive in Qatar in 2022 as part of the Qatar Galaxy, by 2026 he will face the previous process as a soccer star in the United States. Inter Miami? Yes, this is a great possibility, although not the only one.

World Cup in 39? There is no physical or emotional reason in sight today for the United States and that World Cup does not motivate him. Ask Roger Federer, who just turned 40. And if there were any doubts, the mountain of green currency and future business prospects would be so great that it would quickly dissipate. Although this is not the main issue: Messi likes above all to enjoy playing football. Barcelona these bitter and victim years did not allow it. On the other hand, Paris will be a party.

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