The unexpected discovery that unites all blue-eyed people

An investigation has uncovered data about a facial trait in humans Difference with each other. It’s all about eye color, whether the blackAnd the brouwnAnd the Green colorAnd the heavenly also blues. This last color, which is a distinct difference when looking at another person head-on, has a scientific history behind it that includes them: Between 8 and 10 percent of the world’s population has blue eyes.. However, there is more to know.

the teacher Hans Eiberg, From the Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine, in the first place, to the specialized site science daily The difference that exists with shades of green, which is another difference from the existing ranges”People who have green eyes can be explained by the fact that they have less melanin in the iris, which is very different from those who have blue eyes.“.

At the time of delving into the central question, the professional poured out the investigation data and added a historical concept: “Instead, All individuals with blue eyes are related to the same ancestor. Everyone has inherited the same key in the exact same place in their DNA.”

In addition, to clarify the picture and provide more certainty, confirm that this type of eye color is for recessive geneswhich means you should have two of them for the color becomes clear.

When inquiring about the origin of this revelation, scientists stated that the genetic mutation came from a “lonely” human who lived 10,000 years ago and studied in depth through the gene. OCA2Which determines the level of brown pigment in the human eye.

Green eyes mean that the person has less melanin in the iris.

blue entrythe same genetic mutation results in that the eyes of this shade come from another gene, completely different, which makes the former, called HERC2change the brown color to this.

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The various theories and complexities of matter were discovered in 2008 by scientists from University of CopenhagenAnd the Denmarkwho initially located the aforementioned mutation and when they began to trace the path, they began to find other data that helped reconstruct the story.

In principle, it is believed, through relevant research, that the mutation can occur in humans They migrated from Africa to Europewhich could result, in a way, that most people of European descent, in general, have blue eyes.

With some precise data and others requiring surgical precision to confirm, science has once again taken a new step in the search for a dilemma that it began to investigate in silence, and over time, adding to the constant updating of the data, it will strive to be a source of pride for scientists.


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