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WhatsApp is a limited instant messaging platform, which is why users prefer to go for it . What is this? It’s a programnot officialFrom the above-mentioned application, according to Meta, which includes better features and a greater number of functions that are not available in the original version itself. Through the APK you can use exclusive tools, such as: the option to hide the word “Write …” when replying to messages, Notify your online contacts, modify the entire main interface, etc. Would you like to know how to download the latest WhatsApp Plus October for absolutely free?Mag explains how to follow these simple steps.

Before getting started, it is important to clarify that there are some risks after downloading and installing On your mobile device, the most severe is the temporary or permanent suspension of your account if the Meta detects that you are using an APK, it means that you will not even be able to use your number for the original version. In case you want to avoid this kind of situation, you just have to keep the software updated and get the latest version of Plus, in fact, many hangs are not detected.

Also, before you register your number in Whatsapp plusYou must have previously deleted your WhatsApp account and the same original app, otherwise they may recognize that you are trying to access the Plus version. Since it is an “unofficial” program, it is impossible for you to download it from the Android Google Play Store, to get it, you will need to access trusted external pages like “I carry“.


  • First, create a backup of your WhatsApp account (Meta).
  • Now, proceed with uninstalling the app.
  • The next step is to download WhatsApp Plus by clicking on the following .
  • Scroll down and tap on the light blue button labeled “Download APK”.
  • Click on the three dots Google Chrome icon at the top right.
  • Go to “Downloads” > “WhatsApp Plus” > “Install”.
  • It will install automatically, but before you open it, give it your cell phone permissions. For this, go to “Settings” > “Applications” > “WhatsApp Plus” > “Access” and give it all the necessary permissions.
  • Go back one step and click on the ‘Install unknown apps’ section > turn on the ‘Allow from this source’ switch.
  • Finally, enter WhatsApp Plus and register your number as in the official app.
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  • The tool to use this trick is only present in WhatsApp Plus.
  • access to this To get the APK instantly and without ads, follow the above steps to install it.
  • Open the Plus version and enter your partner’s chat.
  • Click on your profile picture.
  • At that time you will be able to see a series of options.
  • Enable the tab called “No calls”.
  • With this, your partner will never be able to contact you again.
  • You can even choose what kind of notification will appear: if you’re busy, if you’re off signal, among other things.


Pause audio recordings

WabetaInfo I was expecting that it would soon be possible to stop recording your voice or voice notes, just by pressing the stop button. This way you can save your message history for later and follow up when you want to or have completed an idea of ​​what you want to say. This way you won’t be sending voice notes with a lot of blank space.

Messages that self-destruct when read

Don’t want to keep anything? Yes good The WhatsApp Enabled the function that allows messages sent 24 hours ago to disappear, WhatsApp Plus 2022 is promoting the tool with which all your texts are deleted as soon as the other person sees them. This will also help the application not to weigh too much for the files you receive.

Download statuses and images seen only once

In WhatsApp it is almost impossible to download an image or a video that is only watched once, that’s why you can keep said image, WhatsApp Plus 2022 It develops functionality for you to download to your cell phone and stay in your gallery after viewing. In the same way in cases, it will have a download button when you open it, so you can always get a copy.

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New themes and wallpapers

Every month WhatsApp Plus adds new themes and wallpapers so you can decorate the app to your liking. WhatsApp Plus 2022 is also a series of aesthetic changes to customize your chats.

remove ads

One of the things that users criticize about WhatsApp Plus is advertising. That’s why if you want to use a version without any of these annoying elements, you can pay a certain amount to remove ads. Are you going to leave it there or are you going to leave it there? Remember that Mods do not get income other than ads.

Take shots

The WhatsApp Prepare a tool with which you will avoid taking a screenshot of your conversations. This is why WhatsApp Plus will allow you to run it without any problem, you can even use it especially when those photos or videos are sent to you which disappear after you open them.


  • The first thing you should do is to check that there is no normal WhatsApp on your cell phone.
  • To do this, you have to uninstall the app so that it does not cause interference.
  • Remember to make a backup so you can save your conversations.
  • If that doesn’t work then you have to go to your phone settings.

Where can you download the latest version of WhatsAPP PLUS APK


  • Never connects to the Internet: Until now, WhatsApp Plus allows you to hide the famous “Internet” using the “Airplane mode” option. This way you won’t see that you are online, but you can continue chatting.
  • It doesn’t look like you’re writing: Another intriguing detail of WhatsApp Plus is that it allows you to hide the word “writing” not only from group conversations, but also from individual conversations.
  • Exclusive emojis: Although WhatsApp is expected to add more emojis by the end of the year, they are already first in WhatsApp Plus.
  • I can see your disappearing photos: In order to protect your privacy, WhatsApp has implemented the photos and videos that you see only once. In WhatsApp Plus, you can view these files whenever you want.
  • You can’t call, but you can type: WhatsApp Plus has a tool that allows you to block all calls, this way any user will only have to write to you.
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What are the advantages of using WhatsApp Plus?

WhatsApp Plus offers more customization features than the official version. It has the ability to schedule messages, activate Airplane Mode within the app, and access more emoticons that you can share in all your conversations.

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