The UK and Rwanda sign a new treaty to expel asylum seekers to the African country

The signing of the new treaty seeks to revive the British plan to send asylum seekers to Rwanda, after the UK Supreme Court deemed it illegal in November.


the Interior Ministers to United kingdomJames Cleverly, and Externals to RwandaVincent Biruta, occurred this Tuesday in Kigali A New treaty to Transferring asylum seekers who enter British territory illegally to the African countryWithin London’s controversial plan to limit immigration. The aim of this agreement is to legitimize the program of British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s government, which was considered by the UK Supreme Court – the country’s highest judicial body – illegal Last November.

“The new treaty we signed addresses all the concerns of the Supreme Court justices,” Cleverley said at a press conference in Kigali. “We have worked closely with our Rwandan partners to ensure this happens,” he stressed.

According to Cleverly, “the new immigration plan will mean that We will decisively reduce net migration “We will create a system that works for the British people.”

The Rwandan Foreign Minister explained that the new treaty “will reaffirm, in a binding manner, existing obligations that address concerns raised in the legal process regarding the protection of asylum seekers.”

“We will also see the creation of a new Court of Appeal that will be established According to Rwandan law It will be supervised by two co-chairs, one Rwandan and one from another Commonwealth country; A panel of judges of different nationalities, who will hear appeals if the asylum seeker’s asylum application is rejected.

Last month, Supreme Court of the United Kingdom It ruled that, in the light of the evidence, there was a risk that the asylum seekers who were sent to Rwanda might be present The risk of being deported to their countries of origin.

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This ruling was a major blow to the immigration policy pursued by the British Conservative government, since the inception of the Rwanda Plan April 2020When Boris Johnson was Prime Minister, he was pivotal in his desire to stop the increase in migrant boats crossing the English Channel, between England and France.

The program has also received the support of the Rwandan government, which has reiterated on several occasions that it remains “committed” to its controversial agreement with London.

Since coming to power in 2000, the President of Rwanda, Paul KagameIt gained international recognition for its economic successes and the country’s reconstruction after the 1994 genocide. However, human rights organizations have on numerous occasions denounced the arbitrary arrests and disappearance of opponents at the hands of its government. Rwandan dissidents were killed or disappeared for reasons critics described as “political.”

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