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British Prime Minister Liz Truss. -right

By the time this article was published, Liz Truss may no longer be around leading The United Kingdom of Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales) and Northern Ireland. If it doesn’t happen officially, it can be considered The reality Due to his notoriety in the ranks of the Conservative Party itself, and most decisively, in the positions of ordinary MPs – or springsIn the House of Commons in Westminster. The latter, the celebrity 1929 لجنة CommitteeThey are usually crucial to solving problems of this magnitude.

A few weeks after her election as Prime Minister on September 6, her discredit was widespread. If a general election were to be held, the undisputed winners would be ailing Labor and its bleak leader Keir Stammer. But this will not happen because the power of government and institutional positions strikes like an irresistible magnet for the unprepared. conservatives, who have neither the decency nor the shame to remake themselves in the face of their political views. Neither is the ability to maintain international credibility — once widespread and respected — that now relies on deterrent weapons such as Trident nuclear submarines stationed in the waters of Vaslin, at the outlet of the Scottish estuary of the River Clyde. This “force” argument is analogous to the hypothetical use of atomic weapons by Putin, in his aggressive criminal imperialism unleashed in Ukraine.

Several UK CEOs have been up and down the fun tour that 10 Downing Street has become in recent years (David Cameron, Theresa May, Boris Johnson, Liz Truss). Pogo’s case, as he is colloquially known in political gossip, is perhaps most telling in the unfinished display of attitudes and the endless deception of British citizens in recent times.

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The common shame of defining decency and obscenity was not found in Boris Johnson’s personal code of conduct. His reputation as a compulsive liar cemented the dangerous, aggressive drift of English nationalism after Brexit. Liz Truss has now proven the anti-British anti-European he represented. Remember that the current leading He was once a European. A year ago now, the European repented and was appointed by Boris Johnson’s government to negotiate “against” with the EU. Then he held the position of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Johnson was the champion of Brexit, although his conviction was largely beneficial. Even today, he remains a favorite to return to Downing Street, according to another poll among conservative hardliners. The practices that Truss attempted to pursue are likely to have a peak similar to those that preceded them. Which is that Brexit made a ‘heroic’ cause to preserve the old principle.Britannia rules (England orders, such). Now that claim has been turned on its head in light of the dangerous side effects that the collapse of the British pound has had on financial markets.

Diego says where he said I say. This was Truss’ behavior in a very short period of time during which she had to make a 180 degree turn in her economic policy, abandoning tax cuts for the wealthy that were supposed to bring benefits. meager economy for economic recovery. In other words, by following the more aggressive assumptions of neoliberalism, an attempt could have been made to facilitate”Spill or drip effect. His reasoning is that big millionaire profits boost the economy and prosperity reaches all citizens. Remember the state of the United States of America during the last decades of the twentieth century. There, less taxed wealthy taxpayers preferred to “simply” invest in the speculative – and sometimes very profitable – financial sector and avoid other areas of the productive economy that generate, for example, jobs. Thus, the unregulated financial economy became dominated by the interests of investors and income earners. It was the main cause of the devastating crisis of 2008.

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Jeremy Hunt, the new Treasury Secretary (Chancellor of the Exchequer) who became prime minister de facto The new Conservative government has announced in the House of Commons a set of measures that go against those intended by its president Truzz, such as lowering the base rate of personal income tax from 20% to 19%, maintaining the tax benefit for the self-employed, or reducing the tax on alcohol. In fact, almost all of the prime minister’s original initiatives have been withdrawn from the parliamentary process. The purpose is only to avoid fear of pilgrim capitals whose profits have fallen with the fall of the pound.

Adding the forecast now made by Hunt, the government will save approximately €37,000 million, which, otherwise, would have resulted in a significant increase in public debt, with not insignificant effects on the City of London. They would have greatly increased the government’s difficulties in balancing the national accounts by indirect recourse by pumping the heads of “invisible” pilgrims into the City of London.. Much of this money comes from former countries colonized by the United Kingdom, whose elites have long coveted their savings and investments in London. Without the availability of funds deposited and negotiated by the city, governments and corporations would not have been able to solve debt financing problems, both public and private.

The first reactions to Hunt’s actions were definitely not to “escape” from the city. Let’s see how events unfold in the near future, and whether the UK will succeed in letting go of its tragic and irrelevant post-Brexit failed.

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