The true story behind the Netflix movie

Carey Mulligan and Ralph Finn at Excavations. Photo: Netflix

Around the end of this first month of the year, Netflix the first show FossilsdrillingBritish film directed by Simon Stone And championship Carey Mulligan (educationAnd the Leadership) s Ralph Vines (The English PatientAnd the Schindler’s ListInspired by real events.

Set in 1938, shortly before World War II, the film tells about the relationship between a British widow named Edith Pretty and archaeologist Basil Brown, who was hired by the landowner to explore mysterious formations in her garden in Sutton Hoo. However, what initially seemed like a simple mission for Brown, turned out to be something much bigger: discovering a large Anglo-Saxon ship.

This event in Suffolk (UK) has become one of the most important archaeological discoveries of all time, and below we will review some details about the true history that inspired the movie. (Across Tatler).

Carey Mulligan at Excavations. Photo: Netflix

Although the movie indicates that something romantic could happen between Pretti and Brown, in real life they weren’t a married couple. In fact, they met after she mentioned the formations in her garden by historian Vincent Redstone, who was the one who brought her into contact with Juice Maynard of the Ipswich Company Museum. It was he who finally sent her to speak to Brown, who ended up hiring him to work in the excavation for 15 days.

A few days after work began, Brown discovered the remains of an Anglo-Saxon ship believed to have been buried alongside their eastern English king Rudwald. Inside this ship they found artifacts of great value, some of them well preserved in silver and gold dating back to the 7th century and which were donated by the “Priti” Company – as the owner of the land – to the nation.

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Ralph Fiennes in the Excavations. Photo: Netflix.

The woman who played Mulligan in the movie died at the age of 59 in 1942. For his part, archaeologist Brown – Vince in the film – died at the age of 90 in 1977.

This new Netflix movie crew completes it Johnny FlynnAnd the Lily JamesAnd the Danny WebbRobert Welfort, James Dryden, Joe Hurst, and others.

Fossils Now available on the broadcast platform. Check out the trailer below:

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