The Boston Strangler review – a great thriller with Keira Knightley coming to Disney+

Boston Stranglerwhich we already talked about a few days ago, is a unique film among the original productions distributed in stars -Part of Disney + -. We’re talking about a claustrophobic movie that confronts the viewer who could soon be trapped in Turbulent events in Boston in the sixties. Well established in the great shows of Keira Knightley and Carrie Coonin vandalism We’ve been able to see it beforehand and will let you know what we think in this review without spoilers.

Boston Strangler: A True Story Receiving David Fisher’s Thriller Style

The film, which will arrive in Spain via Disney + and its Star brand, is Directed, written and written by Matt Ruskinand provide the real history of Plumber, Albert DiSalvo, is a murderer who ends up admitting that he is the author of 13 gruesome deathsall of them correspond to slim Single and of all ages. However, the movie will have a twist, which gives a much deeper reading than we might initially think. Boston Strangler Focuses on the work of reporter Loretta McLaughlin, played by Keira KnightleyIn the newsroom of the newspaper American record begin to reveal The truth about some suspicious murders Which started to drive the police officers crazy.

This journalist, who started out as a fashion columnist, was The reporter who first connected the murders and broke the story of the Boston Stranglerleading to an investigation that would put her in the crossfire of a society that does not positively view women’s ability to question police work. She and Jean Cole (Carrie Coon) challenge sexism in early 1960s America, all to report on the city’s most notorious serial killer. Soon, teaming up with Jean Cole (Carrie Coon), they both find themselves involved in an investigation that will endanger their lives, and encounter hurdles of all kinds while… The deaths keep happening one after another in a race against time to reveal the truth.

The film sets its tone from the start, with a series of very stifling riffs in style and stylistics.Without making any kind of compromise with the viewer, he finds himself destined to be a part of the career of two reporters trying to discern what’s going on in the city and why the cases are starting to multiply exponentially. Yes, it follows a classic formula, very similar to a formula Horoscope By David Fincher – which has obvious parallels – with murders committed off-screen – so terrifying – testimonies of various kinds and constant pressure from authorities who know the case has spiraled out of control. Knightley is very comfortable in her role as an intrepid reporterback to the dramatic role of Those Who Always Do Good, with the wonderful Carrie Coon.

The film focuses on the investigation of two journalists who will fight against all odds to discover the truth.

And it wouldn’t be fair to compare it to a movie of the same title starring Tony Curtis and Henry Fonda.Directed by Richard Fleischer and released in 1968, this is a film named within his filmography for its talented and responsible director. When destiny controls us among other gems. The 60s tape was a classic thriller, popular in those days, but this one is new Boston Strangler that it excitement It is more recent and has several readings and subplots. Yes, we will not tire of repeating it, but it is also A film about journalism and the role of women in difficult times.

The work of Cole and Laughlin, who will have their own differences in the course of the investigation, is very well plotted and defined, although it is true that towards the end of the film, at the always important moment for conclusions, We find that the tempo slows down and that the trend Ruskin’s texts, too. Makes some unmeasured turns. It’s not a huge flaw, far from it, but it makes the whole thing look ugly. entertaining and sometimes fascinating, Boston Strangler It begins with a special podcast in three episodes, Truth and Lies: The Boston Stranglerwhich will explain the circumstances and details of the true crimes, and is presented by Dick Lear, journalist and former correspondent of the Boston Globe. It’s a great dress if you’re into the subject. In short, this is an interesting movie, a well-crafted suspense thriller with good performances and great presentation.

We saw The Boston Strangler through the Debut platform and courtesy of Disney Spain and Way To Blue.

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