The trick: This is how you can locate businesses near you from WhatsApp

United State.- The WhatsApp Continue to provide amazing news in terms of Technique And tools. Now, the company has revealed that it has the potential Locate businesses near you through a new job. And of course through INTRA News We will tell you about this, which will undoubtedly be a way to make our lives easier.

Remember that the app implements new things and functions such as multi-device mode, play audio at twice the speed, temporary messages, download images in the best resolution (HD), and others. for this reason, The WhatsApp It seems that he does not want convenience in order to continue to offer his users an improvement in terms of experience.

Therefore, the director of the application, Will Cathcart, explained in an interview with Reuters that soon everyone and everyone will be able to find businesses close to where they are located. Of course, the premise would be that these companies stick to WhatsApp Business. In addition, he noted that at the moment it is only available in Sao Paulo, Brazil and is expected to arrive in Indonesia and India.

Source: Pixabay.

In this sense, the functionality of this guide will be similar to that of Telegram where you will find companies using the business version. In addition, it was clarified that companies will be separated by categories, i.e.; Restaurants, stores, or local services. Looking at it, you can find out what is closest to your location to meet your needs.

On the other hand, the same company revealed that the end-to-end encryption is still fixed and the app will not be able to reach the companies that have been “visited” nor the site. “(The system) is the main way to start the process of trading in The WhatsApp. […] “Like everything we do, we privately created it,” Cathcart said.

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