The trick almost no one knows so your iPhone knows how tall a person is with the camera – teach me about science

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In today's digital age, smartphones are no longer the only ones Devices To make calls or send messages; They have become multi-functional tools that open up a range of possibilities to make our lives easier. The iPhone, in particular, has proven to be a leader in technological innovation, offering functionality beyond the ordinary.

Among these amazing features is a secret trick that could change your iPhone camera experience: the ability to meter to rise From the person precisely.

Imagine being able to estimate to rise From someone by simply pointing your iPhone at them. This clever trick uses the advanced sensor lidar Available on select iPhone models, such as iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max, as well as some IPADLike iPad Pro M1. This sensor, which uses a laser to measure distances, has become the key to unlocking this interesting function.

Understanding how to use this trick can make a big difference in a variety of situations, from taking quick action at home to surprising your friends with a new iPhone skill. application Sizes It is the gateway to this hidden function. Simply open it on your iPhone or iPad, focus on the person of interest, and wait for it to happen measurement appears on the screen.

The magic lies in lidarBecause it emits a laser signal and counts distance between device The point in space you are focusing on. This information is used intelligently to estimate to rise For the person in the camera's field of view. Once you have the measurement, you can also capture the moment by tapping the circle button and taking a photo with the circle button measurement Layers, which are not only practical but also fun.

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For those wondering if this trick can be used in different situations, the answer is yes. For example, if you need to measure several people in quick succession, simply focus on the ground for a moment and then aim at the new target again. It's a clever feature that explains how to do this technology Everyday tasks can be simplified in unexpected ways.

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This trick is not just a technical curiosity, but it also highlights the level of sophistication it has technology in Devices mobile phones. The possibility of using the iPhone camera to measure to rise The fact that a person is using a laser sensor is evidence of continued progress in integration hardware And Programming In this Devices.

But why should you bother learning such tricks? The answer lies in the versatility and hidden capabilities that your iPhone can have. In addition to being just a phone, it is a tool that can improve and simplify your daily life. Knowing and taking advantage of these lesser-known features expands your possibilities and allows you to get the most out of your investment in technology.

Moreover, understanding these tricks not only makes you a more skilled user Devices Apple, but it also puts you one step ahead in the ongoing race to technology. Be aware of the less obvious characteristics of your personality Devices It allows you to be more efficient and creative in the way you use it.

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