The teacher dazzles her students by integrating Assassin’s Creed into her program

Teacher Judy Bryson from Quebec says her students’ grades have improved with this project.

Aside from the negative connotation video games may have among some sectors of society, this medium isn’t just a great way to do it entertainment, But also A. A powerful educational tool. With this conviction, Ubisoft This week I held the third edition of the event Learning Keys, In which experts in education and video games participated Talk about their role in supplementing the knowledge gained in the classEspecially in difficult times like the epidemic we are going through.

A methodology has been developed that combines interaction with the game and the mission book.Among the conversations at this event, Status statement What did the teacher offer? Judy Bresson From Coll├Ęge Jean de la Mennais High School From QuebecWho merged Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey Program History lessons For students in between 13 and 14 years old. Basically, what the teacher did was analyze the content of the game’s discovery tour for Develop activities that will help achieve learning From the program created by the Canadian Ministry of Education, in which he participated Methodology development It would integrate interaction with the video game and Active participation of students When answering a Mission brochure.

Bryson recounted that it had evolved 12 missions In the brochure, each focused on a specific topic in ancient Greek history. For her, as it is for many students, this was the first time they interacted with a video game – she also created a Instructs To explain everything from controls to what they could do if they were lost. “It was very interesting to watch my students play and raise their hands just to show me that they have already figured out how to jump over the fence or climb the wall,” he said.

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The teacher also explained that she formed her group in pairs so that while one student was playing, the other answered the assignment booklet. While her students were enjoying the game, she reached out to all the teams Answer the questions and provide more information about each lesson. He also commented that he made some Special challenges How to find some interactive artifacts to learn more about them and a Franchising system Whereas, if the couple finishes all the missions on time, they’ll only have a half class to play Assassin’s Creed Odyssey for fun. It was important to correct that learning was complete, therefore There were surveys and an exam at the end of each assignment To confirm what you have learned.

Professor Judy Bryson from Quebec presents her case at Keys to Learn 2021Professor Judy Bryson from Quebec presents her case at Keys to Learn 2021

As expected, this type of class was also implemented border, Especially those related to technical elements. Judy Bresson commented that once the pandemic begins and students return home, the program should be pursued even if some of them don’t have the game. for them They registered a gameplay they can see in Google Classroom In order to continue answering his mission manuals, despite harsh criticism of his playing style. Likewise, in the classroom, not all student laptops have the ability to run the game, in those cases The school equipped the class with a computer to support the game Tours were organized with one student playing in the front while the rest answered their handbooks.

Using video games in history classes is an entertaining and challenging way for students to learn.Judy Bresson, Prof. Del College Jean de La Minier High School“Using video games in history classes is an entertaining and challenging way for students to learn,” the teacher said. He concluded by saying, “At the end of this course, I noticed that my students’ grades were better than those in previous years, and above all, they were very happy to come to the class,” adding that The willingness to learn from students was very positive And it had a real impact on them. Judy Bresson commented that after the project she received emails from other teachers and parents praising the initiative and that students from last year continue to look at the class with great enthusiasm.

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We remind you that the Discovery Tour is an educational function that was available in both Assassin’s Creed: Origins Same as in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey which will also be integrated into Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. In fact, this mode is also sold separately for those who want to discover historical maps of the games, only for educational purposes.

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