The storm threatens Britain and Ireland with strong winds and rain

London (AFP) Britain and Ireland braced on Sunday for the impact of Storm Isha, which threatens to hit the island nations with strong winds and rain.

The British Meteorological Agency issued a rare warning for the entire United Kingdom, saying winds could reach speeds of up to 145 kilometers per hour (90 miles per hour) and threaten human lives.

Meteorologist Tom Morgan said: “There is a possibility of life-threatening winds that could cause power outages, high waves in coastal areas, and debris and trees falling on roads.”

Parts of the UK were hit by strong winds and rain that toppled trees, knocked out electricity and caused flooding in river areas. Dinner is the ninth named storm since September.

Some railway companies, which have previously been hit by floods, uprooted trees or landslides, planned to suspend services or warn the public of delays. In some cases, they have asked people to make reservations for other dates.

In western Ireland, in counties Donegal, Galway and Mayo, authorities warned of the possibility of strong winds from Sunday afternoon until Monday morning. Residents were warned to stay away from the coast.

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