The space adventure Deliver Us Mars presents its first trailer with the Red Planet as the hero

Its authors, the KeokeN Interactive team, had already taken us to the moon with the introduction to Deliver Us The Moon.

Science Fiction Fans Register a Name KeokeN Interactivebecause they were responsible for the development We gave up on the moon. Having given us the opportunity to fly to the Moon, the developers set their sights on other celestial bodies close to our planet: Mars. Here comes the new We delivered in March.

Following the trend seen in his prequel, Deliver Us Mars once again presents us with a proposition in which humanity searches for other worlds after It drains all the earth’s resources. This takes us to the closest red planet to our location in the galaxy, but this journey It won’t happen without accidents. Because, as we see in the first trailer, this adventure will present us with some other challenges to survive in this undiscovered world.

In this way, KeokeN Interactive works on a file narrative adventure Which will happen 10 years after what happened in Deliver Us The Moon. Therefore, those players who beat the front will find Recognizable details In the experiment, starting with the drone shown in the introductory video. However, the development team ensures that people who are not familiar with the franchise can also start their space adventures here.

We’ll be waiting for KeokeN Interactive to provide more information about their game on Red Planet, which will be released on Xbox Series, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, and PC. In the end, We handed over the moon’s proposal He dazzled many players who love science fiction despite his development in Switch Suffered such an eventful journey led to its cancellation.

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