After achieving success with Elden Ring, its authors plan “multiple projects” for the coming years

From Software has published several job offers to cover different areas of video game development.

Programming does not stop. elden ringHis last big success, he hasn’t stopped receiving it Updates This is in addition to Correct the mistakesthey also add Little surprises For the most committed. And getting away from venturing through the middle lands, the developer is also working on Restore the online mode of the Dark Saga sagathat was handicapped last january after Detecting a security breach.

However, this does not mean that the idea machine has stopped. After all, the studio just posted a tweet with job offers covering different areas of video game development. Not many details were given about the company’s plans, but its website states that “From Software is looking for developers to play a central role in Multiple new projects“.

“Let’s work together to get creative rewarding experiences To be enjoyed by players all over the world. Sales staff and more.

In this way, From Software is looking towards a future full of video games, and it looks like Soon you can submit your next project. However, Miyazaki wants to continue to develop as a title manager, which is why he is already thinking about developing games that Stay away from what has been seen so far In the studio and explore A fantasy at a higher level of abstraction.

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