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Pachuca de Soto, August 24 /Hidalgo News/. – In order to open equipped spaces that promote science, technology, innovation, art and culture in the Hidalgo community to promote the social appropriation of knowledge and the creation of a scientific culture; The Council of Science, Technology and Innovation of Hidalgo (Cetnova) and the Secretary of State Culture inaugurated the sixth pillar of science in the Public Library “Dr. Antonio Pinavel” in the municipality of Atotonilco El Grande.

In coordination between the aforementioned city council, the Ministry of Culture, the Planning and Future Unit and CITNOVA inaugurated this space with the support of the National Council for Science and Technology (CONACYT), as part of the national strategy for the dissemination of science and technology. and innovation in the states.

Los Rincones de la Ciencia, is a program that has been running since 2018 in Hidalgo, 6 of which are currently installed; in the community libraries of the municipalities of Mineral de la Reforma, Actopan, Tulancingo de Bravo, Progreso de Obregón, Zimapan and the recently opened libraries of Atotonilco el Grande; It targets the general public to promote talent in the country.

At the event, Dr. Lisa Fernández-Vega, Head of the Office of the Secretary for Culture of Hidalgo, highlighted the importance of libraries, which are a bridge between culture and society, while recalling that Dr. Antonio, for Atotonilco El Grande. The Peñafiel Public Library has received a collection of 404 copies, in addition to the fact that on this day, when the Science Corner was opened, in collaboration with Conacyt and Citnova, the space now contains technological equipment so that students can receive support for the virtual school year. In addition to encouraging reading for children and young adults.

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Alonso Huerta Cruz der Giral confirmed from Setnova that Governor Omar Fayyad established science, technology and innovation as a central axis of his development model within the state development plan, to shape knowledge as an essential element for building our society, for this reason we are working on various actions such as the pillars of science, in order to bring general population content and tools to customize Science and the promotion of scientific culture.

Mayor of Atotonilco Hector the Great Hugo Ramirez López; He thanked the Wali of the state, Omar Fayyad, for bringing this program closer to the municipality, and stressed that this space would enhance the municipality’s development plan, which considers science and culture as cross-cutting axes of development.

These spaces contain chess and educational games such as puzzles, microscopes, books, digital library and technology equipment. In addition, visitors will be able to conduct basic science experiments to learn while playing and enhance their knowledge of physics, chemistry and biology.

As part of the event, 24 books were also donated to the Public Library of the Municipality of Atotonilco, works that are part of the “Scientific Citizen Library”, which aims to bring the knowledge of the great authors closer.

Science Corners also contains technology equipment consisting of iPads, computers, 50-inch monitors, Apple TV, voltage regulators, digital pencils, computer speakers, amplifier, microphone and HDMI cables.

CITNOVA and Minister of Culture Atotonilquenses, are urging that, once the place is opened, they can visit it to take biosecurity measures, and invite you to sponsor and publish these spaces created for Hidalgo where they can learn as a family how fun it is to learn.

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In turn, the city council of Atotonilco El Grande H. signed all residents.

was present. Maria C. Hernández Palafox, Director General of the Department of Planning and Foresight Unit, Hidalgo State, on behalf of Secretary Laman Carranza Ramírez; As well as employees of the Mayor of Atotonilco El Grande.

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