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Robotic, deep, scary… That’s how he uses it The sound from a black hole It is located in the Perseus group of galaxies, discovered in 2003, and operated by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (Container) from the United States translated and published in recent days.

“If a black hole erupts into space and there’s no one around to watch it, does it make a sound? Don’t worry, the ChandraXray Observatory is here with new #BlackHoleWeek sounds of distant, faraway galaxy clusters,” NASA on Twitter, along with a file video in which you hear painful sound.

According to NASA, astronomers discovered that Pressure waves sent by a black hole From the galaxies of Perseus Caused ripples in the cluster’s hot gas that can be translated into an observation, that it Can’t catch the human ear, since then 57 octaves below middle C.

In order to hear this note, the technique sonication. What is that? It’s luck Translate astronomical data into sounds, allowing them to be heard. Thus, the captured waves were reproduced in the range of human hearing. For this, their pitches were raised by 57 and 58 octaves above the true pitch.

In this way, the sound It hears 144 quadrillion and 288 quadrillion times higher than its original frequency.

The video released by NASA shows a radar-like scan around the image, allowing the waves emitted in different directions to be heard. In the image, blue and purple show X-ray data captured by the Chandra Observatory.

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