Elden Ring will have items that will facilitate the game, but the experience will still be difficult

FromSoftware seeks more access for those unfamiliar with its previous versions.

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addresses FromSoftware They’ve earned a reputation for being too complicated, especially for less experienced players. games like Evil spirits, the latest new edition of demon soulsNot suitable for those looking for a relaxing experience, this drives some people away. But the studio is considering gaining the attention of this player profile in the new version, elden ring.

The experience will not be affected by these changesDuring broadcast live in a Tokyo Game Show 2021game producer, Yasuhiro Kitao, detailing some of the elements built into the Elden Ring that should ease the adventure slightly, and increase the overall reach of the title.

In the Elden Ring, we will have open world It is further improved compared to previous deliverables of the study, but the tracks will be revitalized thanks to multiple This will help us in the fight as well as make it easier to travel between the different areas that we will have to explore.

The dungeons will be smallest to what we are used to seeing in other titles of study, and it will work to level us up with the goal of continuing in more challenging areas when we are actually more prepared.

Entering fully into combat, Elden Ring will bring back mechanics secrecy What we use it for Sekiro: Shadows die twice. We will be able to deliver an accurate blow from behind, instantly eliminating the enemy, thus avoiding a more complex confrontation.

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But Kitao assured that Elden Ring would still be a tough title, and he guarantees it The experience will not be affected for the aforementioned changes. We won’t have to wait long to judge the difficulty for ourselves, since then The title is already in the final stage of its development We will enjoy it next time January 21.

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