“The Rabbit Hole,” by Paramount+: From Persecuted to Persecuted | The new Kiefer Sutherland series

for the protagonist rabbit hole (Premieres Monday on Paramount+), paranoia is an inevitable component of his existence. “It’s the privileges of the trade,” he said. John Weir (Kiefer Sutherland) When they tell him he’s over the top, even for his level of persecution. The reasons do not decrease. His card says “Consultant,” though it sounds a lot like corporate espionage. “Rich rich people give me money so rich rich people lose money,” he says without mincing words. He is The true master of deception who spends his days planting scenes like Leonardo DiCaprio in it the origin. The only difference with Dominck Cobbes is that he entered other people’s dreams and still plays in our plane of reality. What if the dam is a pawn in someone else’s harm? Or is he pulling the strings of the story back by playing with the audience? in Eight episodesthe full answer.

Risky financial moves, strange information on rotten fish, spreading rumors in high places. Contact John Weir. He may drink too much, stay sane on pills, and suffer an unresolved childhood trauma, but no one doubts that he’s the best in his field. So much so that the intelligence services put it in their eyes. Far from the title’s introduction (a reference to the intersection of the fictional with the real), the pilot pinpoints the exact moment this subject enters the “burrow.” An old colleague at the head of a metadata company asks him to do one of his usual dirty jobs on the streets of New York. “Nothing you’ve never done before,” he seduces. Once it was over – with a well-deserved trick Nine queens-, “Weir and his team will be in complete trouble.” Or was it already before?

Dr. Ben Wilson (Charles Dance “Tywin Lannister”) adds a degree of malevolence to the plot. Hailey Winton points out the puzzle aspect. “She’s such a wonderful, complex woman with multiple textures,” he tells her, “you’ll never see the whole story, if she’s a mastermind or innocent, even where she came from or if John can be trusted.” Meta Goldingthe actress responsible for the role he interviewed Page 12. There is the gist of the proposal. The interpreter asks: “Can you trust someone else, in your government, in yourself?” John Ware, who doesn’t use a credit card and doubts even his own shadow, would say no. rabbit holeAt the same time, Capitalizing on conspiracy theories swirling around the internet and having a network of networks as judge and party. “Data shapes us today, information can be used to manipulate a narrative, we take that in an entertaining way, it’s an interesting story and at the end of that story you want to solve the questions we were asking,” Golding says.

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Labyrinth, generous in plot twists and optical illusions, rabbit hole It’s another taquito for Kiefer Sutherland after that 24 (Here he also serves as an executive producer). John Weir, though less powerful than Jack Bauer, and with his boss starring in designated survivor By default, it is in forced dynamic. In short, what unites this new fantasy with those productions is the uncertainty of genre and the narrative urgency of the rushing hour. This time, without split screens.

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