“The power is in the science of fact,” the producers highlighted

The Civic Association Productores Unidos de Rafaela (PUR), made up of about 30 small businessmen with fields in the semi-urban area of ​​the city, highlighted the importance of the public hearing held by the court to “transparent” the debate before the community regarding the municipal law regulating the application Phytosanitary products.
Producers Fernando Belendi, Juan Zimmermann and Marcos Delfabro participated yesterday, with the advice of Dr. Roberto Gianfelici, in the hearing in which they contributed their opinions on the use of biological products. “There is no legal vacuum, there are no complaints in Raffaella for the application of phytosanitary products. On the contrary, there are good agricultural practices and also permanent monitoring by the municipality’s environment ministry to ensure the use of this species,” he stressed that Delfabro agreed to develop the hearing in which conservationists gathered. Environment, SENASA and INTA experts, as well as consultants and officials from the municipality’s executive administration.
“Doubts are left aside when certainty prevails, when unclear intentions are revealed, and when the power of knowledge means the indisputable basis for what is said, done, prescribed, and validated, and in these cases,” it reads in a document released yesterday afternoon after Public hearing presided over by the Judge in Civil and Commercial Matters for the first nomination of the Rafaelino Courts, Matias Colon.
“Today, the only entities qualified with the technical and scientific rigor granted by national law itself as the sole guarantors of the evaluation, approval, certification and classification processes for, among others, organic and biological phytosanitary products; and their implementation through research and expert advice are SENASA and INTA, and these institutions have spoken forcefully giving Superior character and guaranteed in accordance with the principles of evidence and indisputable professionalism which through legal mandate and responsibility to society and appropriate environment,” stressed PUR. “The rest is an opinion steeped in fragility and determination” and just in case. “the present and the future. This law should not even have been linked to the denunciation that the truth represents.”
For the producers in the peri-urban areas of Rafael, the contribution of the specialists who participated in the hearing was strong in leaving strong arguments about phytosanitary products of biological origin, approved for use by Decree 5331 of an agricultural limit of 50 meters, such as the establishment of Article 4, Which was contested by the environmental associations who brought the claim before the local judiciary, which led to a lawsuit being brought before Judge Colon.
Today’s science “shouts” with the power of the word reflective and inclusive, localized in a broad platform of proven and irrefutable voices, represented by architect Leandro Ruggiero (SENASA Rafaela), engineer Jorge Villar (INTA Rafaela) agronomist Luis Carrancio (INTA Oliveros) And, by means of Zoom, Technical Supervisor of the Registration Area of ​​Phytosanitary Products and Biological Fertilizers of Cinassa Agronomist Sebastián Gómez The highest reference noted on the subject of the contract They were the voice of truth They grayed out the aspects and terms that should be used and that should work according to its principles, not being guided by local dictionaries, but by internationally approved technical, scientific and recording evidence for the exercise of their functions,” PUR highlighted.
According to the document, “the complement of the word and the expression of each of us on foot who were part of the audience was more than ‘fun’, for they all revealed their true intentions and in some cases hazy interests.” who demand, who are sued, and even those who act in good faith from a simply voluntary perspective.” “The assessments of this group of producers as an ‘interested party’ can also be described as intentional. Of course we are. We are the ones who laid the land of our ancestors for many to infer from it, dictate what to do and what not to do, and even prejudge,” the association stressed. On the hands you work with.”
In the end, he expressed that “we, the producers, are the first environmentalists with our own resources, generations of farm workers keeping on our hands, and the hands of our children, employees, neighbors, and those outside.” He pointed out that “those of us who work to see that those same hands are made from nature and not from nature is the appropriate place to make more food, honor it, cultivate it and take care of it.”
Similarly, the PUR considered that “Today, we all, without exception, sit at one side and the other of the stage to learn from those who know and have given maximum lessons, that when it comes to organic and biological products, the force of truth is guaranteed in its foundations to science not to opinion, certainty and no doubt, Nothing and no one escapes the knowledge of truth, not even bad intentions.
“Do we really realize that when someone knows more, it does not mean that he is better or biased, but simply that he can help us all in a better way? Are we convinced that without guidance, law or knowledge, there are no clear rules for production, care and multiplication for the benefit of the local producers?” Everyone?” For the countryside and for every inhabitant who wants to point out what is or is not done there every day, the authorized voices are SENASA and INTA and we are all obligated not only to listen to them but to act accordingly. Today we do the first thing. The signature separates us from the second.

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