The physical trainer told the intimate relationship of training between Juanfer Quintero and Pogba

Cesar Murillo, the coach who worked with the fissures, told La Página Millonaria how the meeting went and how it was on the tenth day after the tear.

Juanver with Cesar Murillo and Manchester United midfielder.
© Instagram @cesarfutboxingJuanver with Cesar Murillo and Manchester United midfielder.

Surprised meeting between Juan Fernando Quintero and Paul Pogba For many when French crack posted a video they were seen laughing together in a car. But It wasn’t just a gathering of friends, but during those days in Miami they also shared hours of training. To keep fit while on vacation. And a third hero appeared and a special witness to those moments in which two world-class personalities worked.

Cesar Murillo was a soccer player, wore the Melonarios and Laquidad jersey, and also went through Bolivian and Ecuadorean clubs until he retired, in 2015, at Miami Fusion, a club that was part of the MLS for some seasons. After hanging up his shoes, he trained as a physical trainer and devoted himself to personal training. A mutual friend introduced him to Juanver two years ago, and from there the relationship with River 10 was born. “Every time Juanito comes to Miami, I help him keep fit. We do variety, strength, mobility and coordination so he stays good and can arrive in perfect shape,” Murillo said. Millionaire page.

Quintero took advantage of the short break That the team has been since last Thursday, after the 8-1 win over Alianza Lima, until Tuesday 31 when they will train again at River Camp, To travel to Miami and enjoy a completely different climate from the current one in Buenos Aires. But the technical staff left him with a series of recommendations to continue preparing after that He suffered a double tear in his left hamstring: At first it was April 20, and then, just when he was going to reappear before Colo Colo at Monumental, did he open the wound and delay his comeback.

“He had hamstring pain, but he’s fine now. We had contact with River’s physical trainer, they sent him work and we worked the strength, lower body, we did passes with strong stimuli, we did a strength test and he felt good,” Murillo explained., PF who Guanver worked with in Miami. The Colombian coach, who bid farewell to Juanver after three days of work, added: “Now River’s doctors have to evaluate him, but I imagine he will be available to the technical staff. He has always told me that he feels much better.” This Monday he will travel to Buenos Aires, Then, with Pogba, on Sunday evening, he attended the Miami Heat’s loss to the Boston Celtics, who won the Eastern Conference final.

Juanver and Pogba training

Of course, for Murillo, it wasn’t just the three days he shared with Juanver, but he met another great footballer to work with. “It was a pleasure to share those days with them,” he said. PF who will continue training Pogba for several days because the Frenchman’s holidays are longer: “Juanver brought him, they are good friends and agreed to train together.”

During those hours of practice, Murillo discovered that the Manchester United star is “very humble and simple. They both crack football, but they both have 10 points left as people. Suddenly I met the world champion up front and he is an ordinary person.”

Quintero and Pogba shared those three days of training with a lot of good feelings and encouraged each other not to give up. And between soap operas and serials, they told how the relationship was born. They told me they met in Italy. They were not partners, but they faced each other. “You are playing well, you have to come and play with me,” Pogba told Juanver. Murillo recounted the comforting conversations between those who first met at the 2013 U-20 World Cup in Turkey. They also met in a friendly match between Colombia and France in 2018 at the Stade de France (Where Real Madrid won trophies on Saturday): The coffee team won 3-1 and the number 10 scored one of the goals.

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