The NFL and its brutal “audience monopoly” in the US: 93 of the 100 most-watched TV shows in 2023 were American football matches


NFL dominates 94 of 100 most-watched TV shows of 2023 in US | AP

In the United States, the king of sports is neither baseball nor football, however soccer. This is evident in the numbers of the most watched television programmes, with eating sports dominating 97 of the 100 largest television audiences.

the NFL It has a separate reference because 93 games were among the 100 most watched programs. Super Bowl LVII Preview was also on the list for three games NCAA college footballbeing the game between Michigan and Ohio are the most viewed, at 58th.

It is the first time that a single sport has appeared in the top 100 broadcast listpartly because the rest of the leagues didn't have teams with the largest number of fans (Lakers, Celtics, Dodgers, Yankees, etc.). NCAA basketball was left on the brink, with the final matchup between San Diego State and UConn at 101. The NBA had its best broadcast at 120th, with Game 5 of finals Between the Miami Heat and the Denver Nuggets Kentucky Derby It came in 106th place Plain Golf at 131 and Game 5 of World Series 140.

The three non-sporting events in the top 100 list were: letter State of the Union For President Joe Biden, In 21st place, delivery Oscar Awards And the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

The 10 most watched events on TV in the United States in 2023

  1. Super Bowl LVII, Chiefs vs Eagles: 115.1 million
  2. AFC Final, Bengals vs. Chiefs: 53.1
  3. NFC Final, 49ers vs. Eagles: 47.5
  4. Playoff between Cowboys and 49ers: 45.7
  5. Thanksgiving, Leaders vs. Cowboys: 41.8
  6. Playoff between Bengals and Bills: 39.3
  7. Thanksgiving, Packers vs. Lions: 33.7
  8. Wild Card Playoff, Giants vs. Vikings: 33.2
  9. Divisional Playoff, Jaguars vs. Chiefs: 32.3
  10. NFL Week 16, Cowboys vs. Dolphins: 31.5
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