CDE: Maria Serrana University will receive a medical degree

María Serrana University celebrates 15 years of adding educational quality to the country especially for young people from Ciudad del Este, taking into account the multiculturalism and economic boost of the Tri-Border Region. Maria Serrana University always strives for professional and comprehensive training for its students under highly qualified teachers. Added to this is the continuous modernization of educational programs and the use of cutting-edge technology, supported by national and international agreements, access to scholarships and practical training, and compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements governing higher education in Paraguay.

All undergraduate courses and postgraduate programs at María Serrana University are licensed by the National Council for Higher Education (CONES) and developed according to quality standards by the National Agency for the Evaluation and Accreditation of Higher Education (ANEAES).

It is important to highlight that María Serrana University was created by National Law No. 3,694 in 2009 as an institution of higher education. Alta Casa de Estudios offers degree courses through the Faculties of Health Sciences, Business Sciences, Law and Social Sciences in person. In Ciudad del Este they have a medical degree, a master's degree and a doctorate in educational sciences.

María Serrana University maintains current international cooperation agreements with foreign universities, including the University of Veracruzana and the Autonomous University of San Luis de Potosi in Mexico. In Spain, it is allied with the University of San Jorge and the Catholic University of Murcia. In Brazil, they were joined by an agreement with the Federal University of Bahia, and with the National University of the Northeast in Argentina.

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By publishing the Journal of Scientific and Technological Research, they can reach their students, publishing original and unpublished works, based on research from various disciplines. In addition to Paraguay, this magazine covers countries of the region such as Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Brazil, Mexico and Venezuela, providing solutions to problems affecting today's society.

María Serrana University always strives to provide all the necessary amenities for the comfort of its students and Ciudad del Este headquarters (an integrated building exclusively for the Faculty of Medicine, located in Avda. Itaipu, km 3.5. They have air-conditioned classrooms, halls, libraries, laboratories, anatomy rooms (morgue) and community clinics. It has been Facilities adapted for people with disabilities, each with an excellent location in an area with great traffic and development and accessible to all.

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