The new Skate game will be free, with small payments, and will be simply called “Skate”.

in lowercase and with a dot at the end; ace is the name of the new game for long story skiingwhich we have been calling until now in the absence of official confirmation.”4 . skateThe developers responsible for the project, responsible for the study full circlethey posted a new video in which they detail the reason for this name, which contains a lot more than it might seem at first glance: It’s not a numbered installment because it It’s a live project Which will be updated over the years with the help of the community.

The fruit of that nature of the game as a service, skate. To be a completely free game. a free to playin fact, since it includes microtransactions that they assured will respect the gaming experience: no button tiles, no restricted map areas, no perks PlayOf course, since then They claim they don’t want to convert the game to a file Pay to win. In-house reviewers: top legendsalso edited by electronic artsone of the optional purchase models that Full Circle has been looking for for its game.

Available on the latest generation of consoles and mobile

will be too seasons, Or at least that’s clear from the words of one of the people in charge of the project, the person in charge of managing the product Isabel Moquard, who mentions “many regular updates” (says “seasonal” in the original English version). The idea of ​​the new Skate game is to be like that “A game to go back to” To discover new ways to play and interesting twists, based on the requests and opinions of the community. “he will not be there skiing 5 to 10,” says Barry Cuz, Creative Director, noting the decision to ignore the numbered installments.

about release day From Ski., of Full Circle say that although they still have a set history and the project is in its early stages of development, their intention is to integrate the community from the start; This is something that was recently clarified when They opened the records So that fans can sign up for the game’s first alpha tests. They also talk about not wanting to anticipate the release date so they don’t set unrealistic goals for themselves, so They assure he will come out ‘when ready’.

Finally, Full Circle confirmed he’s skating. It will not only be available in PS5And the Xbox X/S s computerUnlike that also in PS4 s Xbox OneThey are even exploring a mobile version. Everything will be shown by playing and progressing.

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