They will launch a satellite into space with messages to Diego Maradona: how to leave you

A satellite will transmit messages from fans to Diego Maradona into space

Diego Armando Maradona He has been the subject of many acclaims throughout his life, from songs, flags, murals, tattoos and even an airplane, but now he will cross all kinds of borders. Victor Hugo Morales asked in his novel about the goal of the century that ten He scored against England in the 1986 World Cup. The question is not yet answered, but imagine that the star came from the universe, The satellite It will seek to expand its legend beyond Earth’s orbit.

Starting Saturday, July 23, Moron Air Force Base will open its doors so that fans can leave a message for the idol. Videos and audios recorded on a hard disk will be compressed and sent by satellite with a pair of shoes into space so that the entire galaxy will know Maradona.

project name cosmic kite This will allow once the satellite is in orbit, who wants to follow its path not only through the geolocation system but also through the live broadcast: “It will be interesting because you will be able to see if the beam is dripping in a meteor or things like that kind ” Infobae Gaston Kolker, one of the ideologists behind the project.

Tickets can be purchased to watch the Tango D10S and leave a message for Maradona online (Reuters)
Tickets can be purchased to watch the Tango D10S and leave a message for Maradona online (Reuters)

The goal is to collect as many messages as possible (up to a million if possible). Once everything is collected, it may take several months, The space trade service will be used so that the satellite will transmit everything collected into space. In addition, the exact launch date will be determined based on the information provided by some astronomical map experts so that the day the project crosses the atmosphere is a symbolic day in Maradona’s life.

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Meet up tickets The Tango D10S, The plane he created in his memory And leave a message for the former football player can be purchased by from anywhere in the country and those who attend will enjoy a unique experience. Saturday will be the inaugural event, which will be hosted by Jesica Cirio, and will be attended by some of the 1986 World Cup champions. A dining hall and televisions will also be installed to liven up the best plays. fluff.

In contrast, through a giant screen, Fans will be able to speak directly with Maradona thanks to Develop an artificial intelligence system This will allow the former Boca Juniors player, Barcelona and Napoli, among other clubs, to ask questions so that he can answer them immediately.

Tango D10S will start a multi-nation tour (Reuters)
Tango D10S will start a multi-nation tour (Reuters)

The schedule will be from 10:30 AM to 5:30 PM at the Morón Aerodrome, which will be open over several weekends. then it Tango D10S He will start a tour in several countries such as Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and the United States, where he will continue to collect messages from fans of ten. On October 10, he will be in Rome to celebrate Organization of the Peace Party by Scholas Occurrentes He was promoted by Pope Francis, later landing in Naples and in November in Qatar, during the World Cup, to support the national team.

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