The new exam for obtaining a driver’s license and the tests it includes

A motorcycle driving license is now required Greater preparation In the city of Buenos Aires. This is because the authorities have launched a renewed suitability check Additional requirements And More demanding tests.

Applicants, as has been the case until now, must go to the Parque Roca headquarters of the Drivers' Qualification Directorate, in southern Buenos Aires, and pass the test. Psychophysical assessment And Theoretical exam.

What has changed is the last and next part of the process: Practical evaluation Which takes place on a special track, and the candidate must prove that he is able to drive correctly, safely, and respect traffic rules.


Step by step, what tests and requirements must applicants now pass to obtain a motorcycle driving license in the city of Buenos Aires.

“We have implemented a A new method of evaluation For motorcyclists to ensure that those who obtain registration are Better prepared “To drive through the city streets,” explained Cesar Torres, government minister and citizen liaison for the Buenos Aires government.

“We strive to improve and increasing of demands From the exam “To reduce accidents and promote better coexistence on the roads,” the official added.

With this idea, the new test – based on experiences from countries such as Germany, Australia, Brazil, Chile, the United States, France and Italy – combined Preventive inspection. Some tests have also been modified and others added to determine whether a person actually possesses the abilities, skills, and knowledge required to get out in traffic.

Once the theory is passed, the practical exam arrives. Photo: GCBA.

First things first: go with the right clothing and equipment

But also endurance Long trousers. Long pants, long sleeves And Closed shoesNo heels or platforms. Previously, failure to meet these requirements only resulted in points being deducted; Now here's why Direct rejection.

“The goal is to ensure a certain degree of… protection “Against abrasion, collisions, accidents or friction on the sides of the motorcycle that can cause burns and ultimately loss of vehicle control or risky maneuvers,” they argued in the city.

Before starting, the examiner will also check that the candidate Learn about commands Motorcycle basics and knowing how to operate the horn, lights, center stand or crutch, etc.

The evaluation department and its three parts

If everything is fine, Track test It's divided in Three main stageseach with different challenges to overcome.

in level 1 One must Maneuvering the motorcycle even when it is turned off Within a specific sector or “square”, evidence that did not exist before. Then they ask Circular in a straight line At a speed between 30 and 40 km/h to evaluate driving position and braking technique.

Braking in the indicated place is one of the evaluation points.  Photo: GCBA.Braking in the indicated place is one of the evaluation points. Photo: GCBA.

the Stage 2 “Start with new”8″ test -Another new feature- the driver must do it Turns at low speed Move to the right and left, using the throttle and brake well, and transferring your body weight appropriately.

Finally, in Stage 3 You will have to travel in a pre-determined circle, smoothly overcoming various challenges: “Slalom“Dodging cones and walking into them Zig Zag Between obstacles.

Turn Zigzag round He was shortening: From the previous seven metres, it has increased to 5.30, “allowing greater accuracy in assessing left-to-right movement, correct position and incline of the motorcycle,” according to the Buenos Aires government.

Each of the three The circuit stages are necessary to pass and obtain the license. All tests are Fundamental and equally important They indicated that it is in the evaluation process and must be completely passed to obtain registration.

Examiners take every detail into consideration.  Photo: GCBA.Examiners take every detail into consideration. Photo: GCBA.

Motorcycle Driving License: What happens if you fail the CABA practical exam?

In order to take the exam, it is necessary to bring Green card For the motorcycle to be used, the Vehicle Technical Verification (VTV) is up to date sure From the car and Passenger driving licence.

In case He depends Practical test, the driver takes his license on time. But if did not agreeEither by making a serious mistake or by accumulating failures (which deduct points), you may Back Only in five days or more.

After the first failed attempt, the applicant will only have… Two more attempts. If you fail again, to obtain the license, you will have to carry out the entire procedure again from scratch, and pay the costs of a new shift.

in City location You can now consult Updated exam guidea video tutorial and the rest of the details you need to know to succeed.

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