Hotsur case: Judge rejects Christina Kirchner’s request to dismiss judge

Today Christina Kirchner added another judicial setback. The Federal Court of Cassation rejected the appeal of the Vice President’s defense Judge Adriana Palioti removed from Hotesur Los Sauces case.

The decision was made by the first chamber of the country’s highest criminal court, which is studyingdismissals issued in this case by the Federal Oral Court 5, Who merges Palioti with the judges Adrian Grünberg and Daniel Obligado. Palioti voted in opposition.

Cristina asked to appeal to a judge because she had already interfered in the trial of construction businessman Lazaro Baez for the K Money Road. Now, if the vice president wanted to pursue the lawsuit, she would have to turn to the Supreme Court.

Cause hotsore loos sauces

In November last year, the Federal Court Oral 5 (TOF 5) vetoed Christina Kirchner And his sons Maximo and Florence in money laundering cases Hotesur SA and Los Sauces, without conducting the oral trial. He also accused two businessmen K. Lazaro Paez and Cristobal Lopez.

The maneuver investigated was the money laundering of the Vice President and her children through hotels located in the south of the country. They included in this scheme the businessmen who benefited the state during each of the Kirchnerism.

This is the third corruption case in which the vice president has been impeached: the same result was obtained in October in the case of the cover-up of the attack on AMIA by From Memorandum with Iran And before that in case Fraud on the state of the future dollar. Federal Prosecutor Diego Velasco resume This decision.

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