The National Science and Technology System will establish mechanisms to protect knowledge

With the reform of the Basic Law of Science and Technology, the National Science and Technology System will be established to establish a mechanism to ensure the protection of this knowledge along with the Independent Service for Intellectual Property (SAPI), to provide intellectual property protection.

The information was provided by the Deputy Minister for Research and Application of Knowledge at the Ministry of Popular Power for Science and Technology, Francisco Duran, in an interview on the Café en la Mañana program broadcast on the Venezolana de Televisión channel.

Doran explained that this system includes not only the ministry, but also public and private institutions that practice science in the country “with the ministry’s competence to coordinate the process of formulating, designing, and directing science in the country.”

The Deputy Minister commented that with this the scope of work is being expanded in public, private and communal areas to adapt them effectively “which was not clearly stated in the previous law and allows the national government to expand all operations.”

I assure you that it also expands the possibility and capacity of the Venezuelan State to accompany and support the national public and private productive sector; In addition to promoting the development of plans and projects.

He stressed that the science and technology law reform has been widely consulted and the deputies who make up the committee have toured the country, as well as public and private institutions and municipalities.

In the same way, he emphasized that the proposal is a compilation where an article emerges of a different conception of science as knowledge with a more legal view.

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The article also reviews the protection of the knowledge of ancestors and creators “and all scientists from the highest level in the academic sense to our creators and inventors.” LAV / PC

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