La Pedrera: Sports Medicine District is fully operational

The sports medicine department that operates at La Pedrera receives between twelve and fifteen inquiries from athletes every day. They cater to high performance athletes, they have the latest physiotherapy equipment to treat injuries, in addition, they have a gym and specialists who specialize in the subject matter.

The area was created by a joint effort of the county sports department and park authorities to provide medical and kinesiology services to those who practice any sport discipline and challengers.

“We cater to girls and boys who compete nationally and regionally as well, such as the Evita Games or doubles tournaments; we receive teams from Villa Mercedes and San Luis. Sometimes we also have teams that play internationally, as it happens. For us in the case of athletics,” he explained. Damien Girody, Head of Sports.

The project is relatively new, since the department started operating in October 2022. The center has equipment to provide percutaneous intra-tissue electrolysis (EPI) and impedance radiofrequency (Tecar), among other more advanced treatments and methods available. It can be found today in the country.

Athletes can also have close consultations with sports physician Fernando Alday, depending on the specialty they practice. “We also work with the gym, which is run by Prof. Maximiliano Farias. We do it especially for rehabilitation treatments, since usually the athletes arrive with injuries and we plan together the necessary steps for them to return to training with maximum efficiency,” said Girudi.

The graduate said that with the equipment they have available, they can significantly reduce the athlete’s recovery time. And remember the two Villegas brothers who compete at the top of international athletics. “Some time ago, Thomas came in with an injury at the Pan American Games; we’ve had treatment for four days and he’s really training to his level. That’s when you realize the effort is worth it,” he said.

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The intention of the staff of the specialized section is to accompany the athletes at the professional level and the selectors who compete and represent the province.

If an athlete needs a consultation, or has a need to start treatment to treat an injury that has already been diagnosed, they can contact Girudi directly at 2657220732. The specialist said they prefer to work this way to gather information more quickly and efficiently, knowing the person’s own times and signs to be able to start. Treatment and action needed as soon as possible.

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