The medical profession at UNCAus continues to grow

A forum made up of 25 deans and directors from all over the country, he explained, UNCAUS, in northern Argentina, is the only university that has its physical space and rectory in a city that is not a strategically located regional capital, as President Roque Saenz Peña expressed, ” We are very proud to be part of a university with a federal concept.”

When explaining the peculiarities of the profession, he expressed that “the profile of the graduate doctor is sought from a social and societal perspective, and not from an individual perspective.” In addition, “we offer clinical simulations as a training and apprenticeship tool, bringing students as close as possible to all the skills they have to develop later as professionals.”

He also explained that “medical degrees last for 6 years and it is important to use this opportunity to stress that the accreditation process for all medical degrees in the country started last year and that our degrees are also included in that process.” Bolanos said.

He also added that a new study plan has been created and two plans are currently underway, the previous plan that was from 2013 and the new plan that is from 2022, where all the entrants for this year are in that new plan. He also concluded that “currently, the first and second years are already the 2022 plan, and next year the third year of that plan will be activated, and so on until the previous plan is completely replaced by this new plan.”

Referring to the study plans, he explained, “This new design was created because of the need to adapt to modern medical education and also because of some inconsistencies that we thought we could resolve and improved the interconnected system, integrating regional languages, image diagnosis, palliative care and problematic consumption.” We think it’s a better plan and there will probably be another plan in the future, but for now this plan is working for college training, so we’re very excited,” the manager commented.

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In addition, he noted that internships for students conducted in this field provide them with tools that will be useful later to develop as professionals, and “that is why the idea is to develop them in the first, second and third levels.” “The care and in different scenarios,” Bolaño explained.

He also commented that the university is set to sign an agreement with the Institute of High Complexity Formosa, which can perform liver transplants in cooperation with Perando Pediatric Hospital, so that students go through all these cases and receive complementary training.

An exchange agreement has been concluded with the University of Medicine of Mar del Plata and it is expected that it will also be signed with the University Nacional del Littoral. In September, the first medical students will go to Mar del Plata for their professional practice, in the Community Hospital, where they will be in the very complex part of Pediatrics and Gynecology. “This allows for a special look at the social aspect,” the director stressed.

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