The Malaysian Islamic Party that has the most powerful passport in the world and to which Argentines can immigrate

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he Passport index Henley & Partners Position A France As one of the passes that allows Reach more destinations Without a prior visa, a total of 194 permits are a common number with it Germany, Italy, Japan, Singapore and Spain.

While the Argentina It ranks fifteenth with 174 destinations, followed by… Brazil with 173. This index has been prepared based on exclusive data from International Air Transport Organization (IATA, for its abbreviation in English).

What is the index of the most powerful passports in the world?

The index covers 19 years of data and Includes 199 passports and 277 destinations. It is updated monthly Standard reference tool For those planning immigration or tourism.

In this context more than 3 million Argentines They left the country between September 2020 and April 2022. The main destinations chosen were Brazil, Spain, Chile, United States, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, Germany, France and the Netherlands.

Argentina ranks fifteenth with 174 destinations in the ranking of the most powerful passports.

The data corresponds to National Directorate of Migrationwhich I accessed and published Nation In July 2023. Of the total departures, 77.5% allocated to tourism; 10.5% for work, 9.6% depending on residence; 1.4% for action and 1.1% for each study.

Majority of immigrants include Young people between 25 and 40 years old, Which represents 39%.

How to look for work in France?

If the Argentines choose Immigration to FranceThey must take into consideration a series of requirements before boarding a plane. One of them is What documents Wanted for a job.

According to the official website of Visas to France (, there are three options for carrying out the procedure:

  • A private tourist visit
  • business trip
  • Studies and training
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France is one of the destinations that Argentines choose to immigrate to.

For those wishing to travel to France Professional reasonsThey should keep in mind that their exercise “They are subject to different procedures obligations depending on their status, whether unpaid or paid, their activity and the length of their stay.”

The visa website also states that some professions e.g Doctor or teachersRequires “Private practice conditions”.

the with no salary They can:

  • Traveling to France for business purposes within the framework of your commercial or professional obligations or relationships;
  • Prepared to create or engage in unpaid or liberal activity.

the employees They can

  • You will be sent a commission for a service commissioned by your company to participate in providing the service;
  • Implement mobility within the group while remaining contractually linked to your company as an ICT (intercompany transfer) or under a local contract with the French company hosting you;
  • You are appointed on a fixed-term or indefinite-term contract by a French company. This contract may be a seasonal contract;
  • Conduct vocational training in a training organization or company.

How much is the minimum wage in France?

According to the site Macro data, The minimum wage among specialties in France in June 2023 was set at 1,747.2 euros per month.per year is 20,966 euros.

The minimum income increased by 2.2% to 37.9 euros per month compared to the previous salary. He added: “This increase is lower than the 2023 inflation rate of 5.9%, so workers, Despite this increase, they lost their purchasing power last year“.

all over the world, France is in fourteenth place In a list 120 passes Published by the registered site.

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