The issue of health reform appears in the election of medical graduates

Doctors, nurses and graduates in nutrition and obstetrics were invited

The use of Italy’s La Plata Hospital as a registration center for the upcoming elections for medical graduates has caused confusion in the last hours in both university and professional circles. Not only because, they say, an unprecedented measure (it was never, as they say, a padron made in a private sanatorium), but also because it would combine a series of interests outside university life and preferably be related to the comprehensive reform of the public health system And the special promoted by senior officials of the Ministry and the Institute of Medical Aid Works of the Province of Buenos Aires (IOMA).

In this framework, the medical elections are of particular importance, which (like the rest of the faculties of the National University of La Plata) this year call professors, students, heads of practical work, graduates and non-teachers to the polls. … it is the representatives of these monasteries on the board of directors who must subsequently elect the dean.

Although the elections would take place in two months, those assembled in the “La Alternativa” group, associated with the Kirchnerism, launched an intense campaign that included, among other things, the “privatization” of some typical tasks of preparing a register of graduates who would be able to vote in the election Representatives of the academic council that governs the college.

On the way to this electoral process, which will take place in March, last Friday he drew attention to the call to register in the Italian language for the group “La Alternativa”, made up of graduates who knew in 2017 how to be part of the Home Front formed to get rid of ” Oak Leaves’ Historical Medicine Delivery. It was the result of that diverse unity (which combined, among other things, Peronism, Kirchnerism, and the Left) that Juan Ángel Basualdo Vergat was able to assume the position of brigadier general, a position he looked forward to renewing in this election. Only to achieve this now, he will have to work to rearm the cohesion that has been fading in recent years.

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On that occasion, it was said, various sectors agreed to support the leadership of the College and the Physicians’ Union, who undoubtedly influenced Oak Leaf’s defeat. From this alliance between spaces, in which these days there are deep contradictions, mainly sectors associated with Kirchnerism and those coinciding with the reform of the health system, the list called “La Alternativa” (its student arm Remediar, which today operates the college’s student center) was formed. That front of medical graduates is precisely the one that published a few days ago the registration schedules in public hospitals and in the Presidency of the Italian Republic, which is amazing because it is a private health center. The call was not only for doctors, but also extended to nurses and graduates of nutrition and obstetrics (see photo).

“You can always register where you can and now the hospital director was very nice to let us register there,” they admitted of the Peronist group about Dr. Roberto Martinez, who in addition to heading the Medical Institution at Avenida 51, is Professor of Internal Medicine at UNLP and in the past knew the military in Hoja de Roble”. Now, several sources refer to him as the “alternative” candidate to replace Basualdo in the 60th and 120th Deanship.

The leaders of that list did not confirm this version, but they also did not deny it: “There is no talk of the lists now. They said that it will be decided in February.

We will remember that Dr. Martinez played an active role in the recent conflict between the Medical Syndicate and the International Mediation Organization over alleged irregularities in the billing of professionals belonging to the Italian hospital.

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Against this background, the election in medicine and the presumptive nomination of Martinez for deanship appear to be a crucial chapter in the debate over health system reform that, it was said, is being encouraged by department officials and the Department of Health. IOM. But so far, it appears that the groups opposed to the government’s project in medicine have not organized any list despite the fact that they take command of the representative entities of doctors.

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