The indoor sci-fi classic has been reworked in a remake that keeps its style

Cube was a small movie, exactly Due to her modesty and powerful concept, she became a successful cult worldwide. In 1998. The first movie (and almost the only one, although we recommend following other movies of him like the very interesting Cypher) Vincenzo Natalie’s success is a clear example of a movie that bets everything with a great idea … and it turns out really well.

In which, A group of people who don’t know each other finds themselves locked inside a cube structure Not knowing how they got there. They soon discover that through the faces of this cube they can reach other similar cubes, and they decide to try to escape, although the complex structure will not make it easy for them, and many of these rooms are full of deadly traps. A simple, powerful idea that now receives a late Japanese remake that already contains a preliminary teaser.


The director of this new release is Yasuhiko Shimizu, his only other movie is Conquest of the sadly edged horror film “Vise”. The movie will be released in Japan on October 22, and from what you see, This new production respects not only the original plot, but the oppressive aesthetic But it is colorful from the movie Natalie.

Curiously, The original movie actually had a style very similar to the later sci-fi anime and mangaThere is something inside the box, like “Gantz” or “Box.” The strangled and obsessive tone, the presence of rules to be followed carefully, the heroism of strangers who do not know whether they are guinea pigs or victims of an amazing joke make Cube movie “ The original is a perfect movie that adapts to the Japanese style.

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