Sonic Prime: Netflix’s animated series

Ago Netflix She is working on the 3D animated series from My voice, a call My voice President, Which will arrive on the platform in 2022. It will be produced by SegaAnd the WildBrain Studios s Business man entertainment.

Each episode will tell an original adventure where the fate of a new multiplayer world is in your hands My voice. His mission will be much more than a race against time to save the universe, as it has been described as a path to self-discovery and salvation.

My voice President It will consist of 24 episodes. Dominic Bazy, Director of Original Animation Projects NetflixAdvertised: “Sonic is a likable character and has a special place in everyone’s heart, me too. I spent long hours with Sonic when I was little, and it is an honor for me to be able to suggest this character to anyone who knows and loves him on a brand new adventure with Netflix, for a generation of loyal fans and for those who They are also approaching the character for the first time. “

A little less than a year ago it was implemented by BasicFilm about My voice Than it was Jim Carrey Like bad guys Dr. Worker. The film grossed $ 149 million in the United States and $ 320 million globally.

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It is considered the best video game-based debut movie, and it came in second in group terms in 2020 and was awarded the best video game-based movie set in the United States. Because of the huge event, Paramount Pictures s Sega About a sequel to the movie, which is due to be released in the spring of 2022.

He will be the director of this movie Jeff Fowler And the scriptwriters will be like the first, Pat Casey s Josh Miller.



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