The House votes to confirm Biden’s presidential victory

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Trump was reportedly “talking about Pence,” who could still effectively kick him out

President Trump cannot fire Vice President Mike Pence. But Pence could play a huge role in the immediate termination of Trump’s term. Axios said Wednesday night that removing Trump through the 25th Amendment, “a move long dismissed as a liberal fiction,” is one of the few options Trump’s shaky allies are considering to confirm earlier reports. Republicans are angry with Trump for “inciting an attack on American democracy” by sending a crowd to dismiss the US Capitol Building, in addition to his leadership role in ending the Republican Party’s control of the Senate, and “There is concern about whether the country can withstand another country Two weeks with Trump at the helm. ” Axios says Republicans are also discussing blaming Trump, which he will do little, and impeachment, which may not happen before he leaves office on Jan.20. “The Road to the 25th Amendment will require approval from Pence and a majority of the Trump administration. But many of these cabinet members have also been loyal to the president and serve in their executive capacity, so it is not clear that this support or will is there.” On the other hand, sources told Axios that “Trump was talking about a penny” and his ceremonial role in ending President-elect Joe Biden’s victory. If removed under unused Section 4 of the Twenty-fifth Amendment, “immediately restore his powers and dismiss all cabinet officials who sought to sideline him,” George Conway explained.> … to preserve the vice president’s judgment and the government. Congress has 21 days to act. >> With Trump now having less than 14 days left in his presidential term, Congress could run out of time with a penny remaining in place for Biden to take the oath. >> – George Conway (@ gtconway3d) Jan 7, 2021 13 days into his presidency, Republican Party leaders in the House or Senate have not embraced it, says Axios, “It is too early to tell whether those who speak of them have shed their power after the shock of democracy, or whether the bloc is there to move forward. “. But Pence, one of Trump’s most loyal aides, appeared very upset and maybe even a little presidential when he reinstated a congressional tally of Biden’s election victory after police removed the pro-Trump mob from the Capitol. Senator James Einhoff (R from Oklahoma) told the Tulsa World newspaper Tuesday night, a day after Trump’s public abuse. He added, “I’ve never seen Pence as angry as he was today. I’ve spoken to him for a long time. ”“ He said, ‘After all the things I’ve done for (Trump).’ ”More stories from Watch Wednesday’s pro-Trump attack on the Capitol unfold in less than 5 minutes, Trump claims he will lead the rally To the Capitol, only to return to the White House parade 7 stinging cartoons about Trump’s phone call in Georgia

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