The horror game based on Resident Evil Tormented Souls will have a physical copy on PS5 and Switch

The video game will arrive this year for the PS5, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

If you love to be afraid and you are a lover Horror Games Elderly attentive. The Survival horror Tormented souls, A game based on the classics Resident Evil and Silent Hill, announced Launch pads Who will have it Physical Edition That will come out in Nintendo Switch s PlayStation 5, Which will arrive in Spain from the hand of the Spanish distributor Afternoon games.

PQube Confirmed that the game It will launch in 2021, On a specific date to be confirmed, at PS5And the Xbox Xbox X.And the On the Nintendo Hybrid s PC. At first it seemed that the title would appear PS4 s Xbox One, But everything points to It will not be like this, Because these platforms are not mirrored in The official site for the video gameWhich indicates that it will not reach them.

The video game creators commented in an interview that could be job applications Dual Sense From PS5 in a horror game. They came to say that We’d feel spiders on our toes, Although the funny thing is that when they said this it wasn’t known that the title would reach that platform. Did they say that because? They were already trying it?

Not only is Tormented Souls inspired by the classics, it also uses some legendary mechanics, such as Fixed camera, Something that is sure to grab the attention of those who love these games. We recently launched the video game Average, Which also partially saved this property, which is a game from it You can remember our analysis.

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